TRACK Aotearoa appoints as first dedicated data scientist Akilesh Chokkanathapuram

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TRACK Aotearoa appoints as first dedicated data scientist Akilesh Chokkanathapuram

In a move to further strengthen the data insights and business performance of TRACK Aotearoa’s clients, Akilesh Chokkanathapuram has been brought on board as the agency’s first dedicated data scientist.


Chokkanathapuram is an agile-certified data science practitioner with over seven years’ experience working across multiple sectors, including manufacturing, aviation, government policy and energy. He joins TRACK Aotearoa from his most recent position as a data scientist at Z Energy.

Chokkanathapuram’s wide-ranging and impressive set of skills in data science make him an extremely exciting asset to the team, says Matt Jarman, head of insights and analytics at TRACK Aotearoa: “We’re delighted to have Akilesh join TRACK, bringing a world of knowledge and experience in deploying data and analytics techniques to the table for our clients. His skills in customer segmentation and predictive modelling are particularly exciting, as they will deepen our understanding of consumers and allow us better access to the insights that really matter.”

Chokkanathapuram’s work at TRACK Aotearoa will see him wrangling data to provide clients with a better understanding of how their consumers think, feel, and behave – and where the opportunities are.

Chokkanathapuram says he’s excited to work in an environment as creative as TRACK Aotearoa providing his team with strong data analysis that leads to actionable insights: “That’s the beauty of data science – it translates so well into tangible actions clients can take to improve their businesses’ performance. Pair that with the world-class creativity on deck at TRACK and you’ve got a winning formula.”

Graduating with honours from Auckland University of Technology, Chokkanathapuram is also a recipient of the New Zealand Excellence Award (Analytics) and the AUT Dean’s Award for Excellence in postgraduate study. He has published multiple research articles around social well-being initiatives and mental health, and is fluent in three languages while currently learning his fourth.