Noel Leeming Happy to Help Kiwis Get Olympics-Ready in new campaign via TBWA\NZ


To celebrate its sponsorship of the Olympic New Zealand team Noel Leeming has launched a campaign called ‘Always happy to help’ via TBWA\New Zealand, to make sure Kiwis will be ready to witness the event in all its glory.


Like elite athletes, the team at Noel Leeming take pride in having the best customer service and technical expertise. ‘Always happy to help’ brings this to life by showing the great lengths their team will go to, to give customers the ultimate Olympic Games experience.

The platform launched with a 30” TVC showing Olympic athlete ‘Mr. Noel Leeming’ competing in show jumping, until he is interrupted by a customer query on his mobile. Ever helpful, Noel stops competing, solves the problem and carries on as though nothing has happened.

Says Andrew Stein, customer strategy lead at Noel Leeming: “The campaign is designed to show Kiwis that our commitment to our customers will always come first – through an Olympic lens.

“Our passionate Noel Leeming experts are always happy to help and right now they’re helping customers with their tech and tech set ups, to give them the best possible Olympic viewing experience.”

The campaign includes a 30 second sponsorship TVC and is appearing in AV, digital, social, in-store and OOH.

Noel Leeming Happy to Help Kiwis Get Olympics-Ready in new campaign via TBWA\NZ

From today, catching a bus will become an Olympic event as passengers wait in an oOh! Street Furniture site that’s actually a horse show jump. An Olympic equestrian will be leaping over Street Furniture sites in the quest for Olympic preparedness on Commerce St in Britomart Auckland and on Oriental Parade in Wellington, linking back to the campaign TVC.

Bringing the campaign to life in Christchurch, TBWA\NZ has utilised the longest special build oOh! Media Street Furniture site in New Zealand located outside Northlands Mall, featuring a range of Noel Leeming adapted Olympic events, such as the hurdle relay.

Noel Leeming Happy to Help Kiwis Get Olympics-Ready in new campaign via TBWA\NZ

Says Shane Bradnick, chief creative officer, TBWA\NZ Group: “Most of us will be watching the Olympics on telly so we wanted to bring this sponsorship to life by creating something people can interact with – what better than a horse jumping over a bus shelter or being underneath a hurdle race?”

Says Ben Gibb, head of sales, oOh!media: “We love it when agencies and brands think outside the box and come up with creative ways to use our platforms. This is a great example of creativity in sponsorship that extends beyond screens and definitely gets a gold medal for being unmissable in our books.”

Client: Noel Leeming
Agency: TBWA\NZ
Production Company: Tutu Films
Director: Robin Walters
Producer: Bex Richardson
Post Production: TBWA\NZ
OOH Publisher: oOh!media
Media Agency: OMG