Production company 449 launches with new campaign for meal kit brand Bargain Box

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Independent production company 449 has entered the New Zealand market with a new campaign for the meal kit brand, Bargain Box by My Food Bag.


449 is an offshoot of Auckland independent agency True and is headed by production stalwart Amanda Chambers.

Like My Food Bag, Bargain Box delivers fresh ingredients and inspirational, family- friendly recipes for weeknight meals to customers’ doors all over New Zealand. This budget-friendly meal kit features recipes geared towards adults and kids alike, with options for larger families of up to six people. They have recently launched Bargain Box Choice, giving customers the ability to create a menu that suits their family and lifestyle by choosing their own meals each week from an ever-changing range of eight recipes.

The new campaign, called “It’s Choice for Kids”, is centered around the idea that it’s tough being a kid because they don’t often get choice; they can’t choose their haircuts, they can’t choose their bedtimes, and they can’t choose their brothers and sisters! But with Bargain Box the one place they can choose is at the dinner table. For stress-free dinner times, maybe a bit of understanding of a kid’s world is all that’s needed.

Says Sarah Moller, head of brand at My Food Bag: “Our research shows that when we involve children in the kitchen; whether its helping to choose the meals for dinner, or helping prepare the food; they are more likely to enjoy the finished product and be more open to trying a variety of flavours. And now with Bargain Box Choice, kids can help choose the recipes they want to eat for dinner. The ‘It’s Choice for Kids’ campaign by 449 tells this story from a kid’s point of view.”

Chambers (pictured below) joined the team at True and 449 in 2020 as head of content. Chambers has over twenty years’ experience in the advertising industry, an eye for great creative and a passion for bringing ideas to life.

Production company 449 launches with new campaign for meal kit brand Bargain Box

Having spent seven years helming the ship as executive producer at Assembly, EP at Oktobor Post Production, head of TV production at Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy. She draws on an extensive industry knowledge, having produced everything from commercials, animation, live action, visual FX projects, website and microsite builds, visual displays, digital banners, touch screens and VR projects.

Chambers says 449 was born out of a desire to help brands create cost effective content for the digital age: “Whether it’s helping brands with their social and digital strategy, creative concepts, or producing fast, cost-effective content, 449 is all about helping ambitious businesses stay relevant and connected in the digital world.”