Edmonds & Chelsea partners with TVNZ for ‘Baking for Better’ campaign via MBM

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Edmonds & Chelsea partners with TVNZ for ‘Baking for Better’ campaign via MBM

MBM yesterday launched a Edmonds and Chelsea partnership with TVNZ, bringing together the two iconic Kiwi baking brands to help our most vulnerable communities.


Starring Seven Sharp’s Hilary Barry, the campaign “Baking for Better” aims to inspire Kiwis to get in the kitchen to bake eight of Barry’s secret recipes, which can be unlocked weekly at www.bakingforbetter.co.nz via a donation to the Salvation Army.

This is a campaign of firsts; the first time the Edmonds and Chelsea brands have come together with a fully integrated brand campaign across TV, digital, social, OOH and instore media and the first time Hilary Barry has hosted viewers through the Seven Sharp ad-break with a special ‘show within the show’ segment.

Barry was the ideal choice with her love for baking demonstrated across her social platforms and the overwhelming popularity of her persona.

The campaign is all about helping Kiwis who need it most, made possible by Edmonds and Chelsea’s partnership with The Salvation Army, who help support over 120,000 Kiwis every year.

Says Angela Monk, marketing manager, Edmonds & Chelsea: “Edmonds and Chelsea have inspired the love of baking for generations of Kiwis with our trusted products and recipes, now we are proud to launch a campaign that will see those NZ’ers in need truly benefit, especially during such a difficult time for many families and households.”

Says Vanessa Ronan-Pearce, head of corporate partnerships at the Salvation Army: “Food is often the first reason people come to The Salvation Army for help, so being part of this inspiring campaign just made sense to us. And as we now find ourselves back in lockdown, this partnership will bring families together at home to bake, in order to support our front line staff tirelessly working to support those who need your help now.”

Says Aaron Dawson, general manager at Blacksand & Partnerships, TVNZ: “TVNZ Blacksand and Partnerships help build solutions that work for the viewer, for advertisers and for TVNZ. Baking for Better is the perfect demonstration of this mantra. Aligning two heritage brands (Edmonds and Chelsea) with one of NZ’s most iconic voices (Hilary Barry) to add value back to our viewers, back to our clients and (most importantly) back to our community (through The Salvation Army). A truly rewarding project to be a part of.”

Says Barry: “TVNZ 1 viewers know I love to bake, so when Chelsea and Edmonds challenged me to ‘bake for better’, I told them to sign me up! The Salvation Army are committed to fighting poverty and protecting our most vulnerable – and that’s something we can all get behind. I’ve brought my very best recipes to the table for The Sallies and I’m asking Kiwis to dust off their aprons and dig out their mixing bowls for this very worthy cause.”

Says Sian Kitchen, business director at MBM: “Bringing these two iconic brands together through a partnership with TVNZ has been a fantastic journey! Joining up with TVNZ enabled us to maximise scale across multiple platforms, in order to share how Edmonds and Chelsea are giving back to Aotearoa.”

Catch the weekly recipes every Tuesday night during Seven Sharp.

Client: Edmonds & Chelsea
Head of Marketing: Katherine Jensen
Marketing Manager Baking Portfolio: Angela Monk
Head of Consumer Engagement: Ra Fletcher
Social Media & Content Specialist: Siobahn Brown
Digital Marketing Manager: Rosemary Martin
Media Agency: MBM
Business Director: Sian Kitchen
Group Business Director: Julia Evans
Client Service Director: Nicky Greville
Digital Manager: Desita Wynyard
Senior Social Manager: Nuria Ciudadd
Head of Digital Media: Emily Isle
Social Media Specialist: Sheuk-Yeeng Tan
Production, Creative & Broadcast Partner: TVNZ
Group Business Director: Karl Laurence-Anderson
Content Strategist: Sebastian van Dyk
NCA Integration- Alistair Wilkinson
Project Manager: Kayla Radich
Producer: Zoe Duffy
Business Manager- Georgina Hart
Creative Director- Dan Nelson
BlackSand (Producer) Olivia Lynd
Creative Agency: DDB
Charity Partner: The Salvation Army, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga & Samoa Territory
Head of Corporate Partnerships: Vanessa Ronan-Pearce
Corporate Partnerships Manager: Tessa Reardon
Stills Photographer: Tom Hollow