New digital street media network creates a public good for Aotearoa New Zealand

New digital street media network creates a public good for Aotearoa New Zealand

The game has changed for out of home advertising in Aotearoa New Zealand this summer, 21/22 with the installation of 30 new Locky Dock sites creating the Locky Dock Media Network, secure parking, charging and wayfinding stations with street level digital screens.


That’s according to a bevy of seasoned marketers who are always keeping an eye out for the next innovation.

Says Matt Bale, managing partner, MBM: “Locky Docks offer up authentic actions based opportunities for any brand truly committed to sustainability, innovation or wellbeing.”

Says Cleve Cameron, co-founder and MD of Big Street Bikers, the creators of Locky Docks: “This is a new kind of media, that’s not only highly measurable, but importantly has a clear kaupapa and purpose for public good — with a brand’s media spend having a direct positive impact on reducing emissions, reducing congestion and improving wellbeing. It’s about being part of the new economy.”

Promising a total monthly network of 11 million impressions per month across the new media network, Locky Docks are the platform to take your campaign to the streets, while helping Aotearoa New Zealand become more carbon-free.

New digital street media network creates a public good for Aotearoa New Zealand

Locky Docks are secure locking and charging stations for ebikes and escooters (as well as toddler bikes). Manufactured in Europe, and using the latest technology to lock and charge, the docks are activated by app or by local public transport cards. This safe, secure system is leading edge European technology with a Kiwi twist.

This twist is the brainchild of Cleve Cameron (former Saatchi’s Wellington, and creative director at JWT), entrepreneur Matt Pony and tech innovator Andrew Charlesworth, who has a long association with the Telco industry. The secure parking docks have large digital screens for real time advertising at street level.

This widespread outdoor media platform in key destination areas such as busy cafés, bars, venues, offices, malls, hospitals, universities, libraries, parks and other council facilities – creates convenience for users – and a receptive audience for advertisers.

Says Weavers: “Internationally, similar secure parking and charging docks operate on a user pays basis. So we developed a solution to remove barriers to the uptake of e-transport, with Locky Docks.”

New digital street media network creates a public good for Aotearoa New Zealand

Locky Docks are located at high profile destinations with high dwell times and receptive audiences. Such locations include Les Mills Gyms, Wynyard Quarter, Eden Park, Motat, Cashel Mall in ChCh, Willis St and Dominion Rd.

Leading edge brands such as Garage Project and Les Mills are installing Locky Docks, as they know their customers are increasingly interested in getting around by bike. Similarly, savvy brands such as Southern Cross are hurrying to sign up for advertising space.

Says Regan Savage, head of marketing and engagement, Southern Cross Health Society: “We’re excited to partner with the Locky Dock Media Network, and support their vision for a more sustainable and active Aotearoa. Southern Cross Health Insurance believes in the power of being active to drive better health and wellbeing, so being able to connect with keen e-bikers in our nation’s largest cities is a natural fit for us. We’re excited to see our members and all New Zealanders looking after their health and commuting sustainably at the same time!”

The message resonates as people struggle with traffic congestion, (the average person spends more time stuck in traffic than on annual leave in Auckland), and look for alternative ways to commute to work. Lockdowns have also highlighted how enjoyable biking can be for all ages.

Mercury as a foundation partner for the Locky Dock Network is playing a key role in leading zero emissions transport for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Chief marketing officer Julia Jack adds that New Zealand has a unique advantage in renewable energy: “It can free itself from the environmental and financial impacts of relying on foreign fossil fuels, and Mercury sees transport electrification as the key to doing that.”

CEO of Shout Media Paul Kenny whose company is now managing media sales for the Locky Dock network says: “The growth opportunity is massive. You have a national OOH digital platform in locations no one else can provide. Combined with the sustainability model it’s a very compelling proposition for advertisers.”

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