Concern over COVID-19 rises significantly throughout NZ – Perceptive research

Concern over COVID-19 rises significantly throughout NZ – Perceptive research

Perceptive’s latest wave of research findings from their COVID-19 Tracker Survey shows that concern toward the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand has spiked over the past two weeks.


Two-thirds (67%) of New Zealanders have indicated feeling a strong level of concern towards the ongoing pandemic compared to 55% from 30 September 2021.

Data shows that concern about the impact COVID-19 is going to have on our healthcare system is rising (60% vs. 48%: 30 September 2021) with greater awareness regarding our ICU capacity emerging.

Unvaccinated New Zealanders have reported feeling more concerned about economic conditions (52%), mental health (42%), and being disconnected from friends and family (29%) than their health and well-being (15%) or a resurgence of the virus (14%).

Says Daniel Shaw, managing director for Perceptive: “What’s interesting to see from the latest results is that while health concerns have increased overall these concerns are not necessarily as prominent amongst the unvaccinated.

“What we are seeing in this group, is a rise in concern about economic and social impacts, which is possibly why we have seen a shift towards consideration of the vaccine over the last couple of weeks.”

From the September 30th wave of research, of those who were unsure about being vaccinated, 36% said they would get the jab if it was incentivised in some way.

Adds Shaw: “The 37,500 first doses of the vaccine administered during the Vaxathon highlight how creating events and incentivising the unvaccinated aids in increasing vaccination uptake.”

With the window drawing shut for Aucklanders to return to Level 1 by Christmas Perceptive’s research shows a further decline in confidence towards the Government.

At the beginning of the lockdown, 59% of New Zealanders were confident the Government was doing as much as they could in response to COVID-19. Seven weeks later and this confidence has plummeted to 35%.

Perceptive’s latest data from the COVID-19 Tracker survey can be found here: