BerryCo gets the royal treatment in latest campaign via WAVE Creative Communications

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Conventional fresh produce marketing can conjure thoughts of ultra-HD water droplets and flawlessly photoshopped bites but creative communications agency, WAVE, has taken a fresh approach with its latest campaign.


The social-based ad-series offers a tongue-in-cheek look at the hand of God to promote the launch of BerryCo’s new premium super-tasty, super-sized blueberry brand, Blue Royal (previously gaining a following in the New Zealand market as Eureka).

Says Mel Auld, global marketing manager, BerryCo: “We came to WAVE with a small question about a big product, ‘how can we launch the largest blueberry in Aotearoa?’ You can easily discern a Blue Royal berry from the rest, so we need a campaign that does the same.”

The campaign consists of a 30 second and 15 second film with ten companion videos (a play on The Ten Commandments) and features Wellington based actor/comedian Stella Reid.

Says Craig Parker, creative director, WAVE: “Fresh produce marketing has long been grounded in the health and well-being category, littered with product shots and consumption moments. BerryCo supported a different approach from the get-go.

“There’s something magical and mysterious about this berry, and you ask yourself ‘how did this come to be?’ We thought, if God had another crack at creating blueberries, this is what she’d do.”

With COVID-19 lockdowns impacting the potential of production in Auckland, the campaign was entirely concepted and produced in the Bay of Plenty with a 100% local crew.

Says Parker: “Ever-changing alert levels made things interesting. We couldn’t take a traditional casting route by sourcing talent in Auckland, and voicing was directed remotely, through a video-call. It took a few Zooms and emails to get there, but we’re stoked with the result.”

On casting the role of God as female, Parker says: “Why not? God is many different things to many different people. Let’s put a spin on the status quo and shake up conventional thoughts around who God is.”

Of the final product, Auld says: “We’re over the moon. It’s a larger-than-life campaign for a larger-than-life berry.”

The Blue Royal campaign is now live on Facebook, Instagram, and on-demand. Blue Royal blueberries are available in supermarkets and premium fruit shops now until January.

Agency (WAVE Creative Communications)
Creative Director – Craig Parker
Senior Creative – Tom Knighton, Lucy Morgan
Account Director – Tori Easton
Strategy – Jerry Beale, Brendan Herring
Agency Producer – Jenna Mills
Director – Chris Clark
Producer – Tracey Hampton
Talent (The Pro Actors)
V/O – Teuila Blakely
Lead actor – Stella Reid

Special thanks to Ron & Pat Howie who have been growing the ‘Garden of Eden’ in their Te Puke backyard for over 15 years.