Hell Pizza causes a stir globally with bold response to Greta Thunberg in new ad via Yarn

Hell Pizza causes a stir globally with bold response to Greta Thunberg in new ad via Yarn

Environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, recently hit out at New Zealand and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for “not doing anything” to tackle the climate crisis.


Not willing to sit back and take this criticism lightly, Hell Pizza and creative indie agency Yarn took the opportunity to highlight what Hell is doing for the environment with an outdoor campaign placed in Thunberg’s hometown of Stockholm, just days after her media interview.

Says Rich Robson and Matt Sellars, creative partners at Yarn: “While the message may seem a little dark, it’s actually a welcoming message of support from a like-minded Kiwi business.”

Says Ben Cumming, CEO at Hell Pizza: “We’ve always believed that strong customer loyalty can’t be achieved with a ‘middle of the road’ strategy of trying to please everyone all the time.

“This campaign hits all the right notes for us – engaging, polarising opinions, and generating discussion on an important matter.

“Sure, it was a little controversial for some people, but it’s backed up by a strong ethical stance – announcing our 100% carbon neutral delivery service and wider sustainability plan.”

What nearly didn’t happen after being banned from the initial Swedish media company has gone on to attract global PR and news coverage, including Sweden, UK, USA, India, Poland, Vietnam, Australia and most importantly, right here in New Zealand.

Client: Hell Pizza
CEO: Ben Cumming
Founder: Callum Davies
Marketing Manager: Siang Tay
Digital Marketing Specialist: Holly Mills
Agency: Yarn
Managing Director: Heath Davy
Creative Partners: Rich Robson & Matt Sellars
Creatives: Luke Roxburgh & Robyn Ramsay
Retoucher: Denny Monk
Designer: Stephen Churchman