MDS AdSchool End of Year Show is live this Wednesday 17 November, 5-8pm at your place

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MDS AdSchool End of Year Show is live this Wednesday 17 November, 5-8pm at your place

Invites have been sent out (and are still being sent out) today from Media Design School to industry creatives for AdSchool’s Portfolio show on Wednesday night, 17 November from 5pm-8pm.


Says Kate Humphries, programme director, MDS: “We’re let not letting a lockdown get in the way of our most important night, so the students
are all set up ready to Habbo-Hotel-it-like-children-of-the-90s. All you need do is spend barely a minute setting up an avatar ready to walk the walk for you through our customised studio space.”

And with cameras ready to kick off the moment anyone is in proximity with each other, attendees will be able to stroll up to students, open up their portfolios, and chat directly with them.

Just like an IRL show, guests can peel off into private spaces to share drinks and a yarn/gossip with industry mates that they may have not seen for a while.

Says Humphries: “We’ve even put a bar in there for you. A BYO bar (because we’ve chucked our booze and food budget into paying for 120 guests), so, pour yourself a drink from your fridge anytime from 5.00 pm on Wednesday and head on over to join us in the bar.”

The 120-guest arrangement covers the whole day, so guests are encouraged to pop in earlier on Wednesday to set up their own avatar and have a trial whizz around the place. But no portfolios until 5pm.

Says Humphries: “Special mention to students Jonno Entwhistle and Jack Pfiszter, who were missing the swanky AdSchool space in our new campus in the Wynyard Quarter, so they spent an entire weekend in the first week of lockdown re-creating it online. It’s served us all brilliantly for the last 3 months, by giving us a place to gather in and chat in a way that’s really kept up the energy and camaraderie of this year’s Adschool.

“And on Wednesday we’re ready to share it with you:

“We do hope you can make it.”