Beacon Awards launches 2022 call for entries in association with oOh!media – deadline Tues, 8 Mar

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Beacon Awards launches 2022 call for entries in association with oOh!media – deadline Tues, 8 Mar

Call for entries are now open for the 2022 Beacon Awards in association with oOh!media. This is the third year that Comms Council’s commercial partner oOh!media has been the major sponsor for the Beacon Awards. The 2022 Beacons will bring together the industry’s finest media thinkers to celebrate the achievements from another challenging year. Entries close Tuesday 8 March at 4pm.


Says Pen Brown, general manager at MBM and member of the 2022 Beacons Steering Committee: “To be successful in winning a Beacon is a proud acknowledgement to the best work created in this industry. It’s not easy to win and even being a finalist is a strong achievement. The Beacons is a programme to inspire and push us all to keep raising the bar. The Beacons show is the chance for us to get together, listen and learn about the winning work, then later let our collective hair down with our peers.

“We encourage you to make time to craft the best entries you can. Write your drafts early, get them peer reviewed and be prepared to do a few iterations. We also encourage you to make the most of the help that is on hand. Attend the writing workshops and ask for guidance from those that have been successful before.”

Says Nick Vile, general manager, oOh!media: “oOh!media is proud to be entering our third year as Commercial Partner of the Comms Council and included within that, the presenting sponsor of the Beacon Awards. We are thrilled to play our part in helping the industry come together to celebrate the incredible work that has been undertaken cross the media industry over the course of 2021, another challenging year for us all and I am sure the judges will be reading lots of interesting entries full of even more innovation, collaboration and amazing results.”

The call for entries is now live, with all entry categories and forms on the Comms Council website. The Beacon Awards will be celebrated at the Aotea Centre on Thursday 9 June 2022.

Important Dates for 2022 Beacon Awards:
Entries close: Tuesday 8 March at 4pm
48hr deadline closes: Thursday 10 March at 4pm
Tickets on sale: Wednesday 13 April
Finalists announced: Wednesday 13 April
Awards Show (Aotea Centre): Thursday 9 June