Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust unveils digital donation drive via Topham Guerin


As Kiwis look ahead to the summer holidays with more anticipation than ever, it’s sometimes hard to remember that the break also comes with increased risks and accidents that impact our emergency services.


So, Topham Guerin has partnered with the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust to launch a donation campaign that raises awareness of the charity and its choppers so many Kiwis see in the skies.

The campaign will run until the 19th of December across TV, social and digital. It aims to shine a light on the unsung heroes involved with the service. It highlights those heroes are, in fact, the general public – those that donate to help the service keep saving lives.

Says Tsieske van den Broek, creative director, TG: “Giving donations really is a selfless act, so it’s nice to be able to recognise the anonymous ARHT donors in this campaign.”

This appeal marks a shift to a long-term commitment for the business to expand their digital presence, continuing to build on its strong brand equity.

Says Hannah Reed, project manager, ARHT: “The Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter relies on the vital funds raised throughout its community. This year (despite Lockdown) is one of the charity’s busiest years to date with over 1100 missions undertaken. In our eyes, it’s the public, who help keep us operational, who are the real heroes.”

Says Sam Newton, managing director, TG: “A fantastic campaign for an incredible cause. We feel grateful to be part of it and look forward to seeing what we deliver in the coming weeks.”

Digital, creative, strategy, production and media was all managed in-house by Topham Guerin.

If you are able to, please visit the campaign site and donate today.

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust
Shaan Hulena, General Manager
Hannah Reed, Project Manager

Topham Guerin (Digital, Creative, Strategy, Media & Production)
Tsieske van den Broek, Creative Director
Jordan Knight, Copywriter
Nick Holmes, Senior Motion Designer
Sam Morgan, Head of Video
Roy Dormer, Graphic Designer
George Moody, Strategy Director
Neve Airy, Analyst
Conor Ritchie, Media director
Bobby Gao, Senior Advertising Strategist
Josh Kim, Advertising Strategist
Eddie Thomas, Senior Account Director
Ashleigh Best, Senior Account Executive
Danya Malate, Account Executive
Robert Calvert, Senior Developer
James Matulovic, Senior Technology Strategist

Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust unveils digital donation drive via Topham Guerin