SPCA Pet Insurance launches in the market with new TV campaign via FCB New Zealand


Greenstone Financial Services NZ in partnership with New Zealand’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity SPCA, has launched its first branded pet insurance into the New Zealand market —SPCA Pet Insurance and to launch it has unveiled its new TVC campaign titled “Leo & Colin”, produced by award-winning creative agency, FCB New Zealand.


This new campaign playfully communicates the role of SPCA Pet Insurance in providing quality care to pets and allowing their owners to say “Yes” to their cat or dogs next adventure without the worry of expensive vet bills. SPCA Pet Insurance offers three levels of cover, depending on customers’ needs and budget, from everyday essentials to the best available care. By taking out a policy, customers not only protect their pets and their pockets but also help in supporting SPCA and vulnerable animals all over New Zealand.

The animated campaign introduces loveable and mischievous cat and dog duo Leo and Colin. Leo, a typical cat, cute, smart, self-centered and just a little ruthless and Colin, a goofy, loving, accepting and gullible family dog. This unlikely friendship shows Leo finding new ways to prank Colin and at times, landing him in a bit of innocent trouble.

The campaign has launched with two TVCs, titled “Spicy” and “Wooof” and begin with Leo planning a new way to mess with Colin.

In “Spicy”, Leo offers Colin a tube of chilli paste, which he of course eats, falling right into Leo’s trap. In “Wooof”, Leo waves catnip under Colin’s nose, immediately causing him to have a reaction. Unruffled by Leo’s tricks, Colin is unphased and Leo has a clear conscious as they know their owner has SPCA Pet Insurance and will be covered if anything were to happen.

Says Simon Hovell, CMO, Greenstone Financial Services: “We wanted this campaign to be playful and put a smile on people’s face, using characters Leo and Colin to distinguish the brand in the New Zealand market. The brief was to be fun and light-hearted and to balance humour in what can be a very stressful time for pet owners, whilst showcasing the importance of having quality pet insurance for those moments where our pets find themselves in a bit of trouble.”

Says Slade Gill, creative director, FCB NZ: “This particular category tends to be same-same – with the usual tropes of smiley owners hugging their happy, healthy pets. So full credit to our partners at Greenstone and SPCA who let us off the leash and challenged us to create something fun and distinctive. Hopefully this is just the start of Leo & Colin’s adventures…”

SPCA chief executive Andrea Midgen says the partnership launch using memorable characters like Leo and Colin, encompasses what SPCA is all about: “Our SPCA animals come from a variety of backgrounds and the quirks of both Leo and Colin have been created brilliantly to show that our pets all deserve care and attention, no matter what their idiosyncrasies.”

The new TVC campaign will run across a number of free to air channels in New Zealand.