Colenso’s Love This podcast interviews entrepreneurial legend Robett Hollis

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Colenso’s Love This podcast interviews entrepreneurial legend Robett Hollis

Colenso’s Love This podcast hosts Beth O’Brien and Maria Devereux, sat down for a chat with successful entrepreneur and Snowboard World Champs Silver Medalist, Robett Hollis, from Aranui, Christchurch.


Nominated for Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year, Hollis is who O’Brien describes as “a hurricane creative energy man”, who has excelled as an entrepreneur despite the odds being stacked against him. Robett attributes his success to “naive confidence and pure stubbornness”.

‘Learn. Share. Repeat.’ is the mantra Hollis lives by and whatever he puts his mind to, he does with a huge amount of bravery. How else would he have come out with a silver medal at the Snowboarding World Champs? In fact, bravery is what Hollis believes powers people forward and the sheer lack of it holds people back.

“[What] gets me bummed is how many amazing other Kiwis could have done more if they were braver, how many awesome epic ideas and businesses and inspirations and things would have come into the world if this crew would have been supported”. Working to combat this, Hollis puts a lot of energy into building young people up, specifically young Maori and Pasifika people. “I just want more New Zealanders to win. New Zealand wins when New Zealanders win”.

Says O’Brien: “Talking to Robett was inspiring. He’s honest and inspiring. In the episode, he sheds light on topics that are so relevant to our industry. Overcoming tall poppy syndrome, creating opportunities for young people to shine and rethinking hierarchical structures. He has really fresh insight. New Zealand is lucky to have him lifting young people up by instilling in them a sense of confidence so that they have a better chance to succeed.”