FCB New Zealand + MBM New Zealand recognised at the global 2021 WARC Awards for Media

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FCB New Zealand + MBM New Zealand recognised at the global 2021 WARC Awards for Media

FCB New Zealand has won the Best Use of Data Grand Prix and Personalisation Award for ‘Personalising Danger’, a campaign for Water Safety New Zealand at the WARC Awards for Media. MBM New Zealand has been awarded two Silvers for Best Use of Data with Serato and Effective Channel Integration with Whittaker’s.


By fusing historical, real-time and future data, FCB New Zealand built a predictive model to reduce deaths of young men from drowning. The campaign reached 95% of its target group and achieved zero deaths.

Says judge Kathrin Jesse, chief strategy officer and partner, Wirz Group, Switzerland: “Other entrants are just gathering data. But to actually save lives? If only one life is saved, it’s already a success. This is data put to good use.”

Recognised for its work with Serato’s Data-driven Beatmaker Mission, MBM NZ was awarded a Silver for Best Use of Data, celebrating the role of data in effective communications strategy.

MBM and its creative content division, Breakout Room, was also recognised for its work with Whittaker’s – It’s Crunch Time! Putting the limited back in limited edition – winning a Silver in Effective Channel Integration, awarded for sophisticated communications architecture proven to boost campaign effectiveness.

Says Rebecca Didovich, digital director at MBM: “We are so pleased to have been awarded a Silver WARC award for our work with Serato. Data sits at the heart of what we do, so this is great recognition of what we’ve been able to achieve and a wonderful way to cap off a successful year.”

Says Ellen Chote, business manager at MBM: “We are thrilled to learn Crunch Time has been recognised globally and awarded a Silver WARC award for 2021. It adds to a long list of campaigns we are proud to bring to life for Whittaker’s.”

Says Amber Ardern, head of content at Breakout Room: “We loved bringing Crunch Time to life alongside MBM and are thrilled this project has been awarded a Silver. It’s a great start to 2022.”

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