Axis deadline today 4pm Thursday, January 20

Axis deadline today 4pm Thursday, January 20

The deadline for the Comms Council’s Axis Awards is 4pm today, Thursday, January 20.


Creativity in the commercial world is often referred to as ‘the magic’.

“Bring us some of your magic”, says the CMO down the Zoom call.

“It just needs a bit of magic” reads the strategist’s brief.

“But where’s the fuckin’ magic?” asks the plucky young suit in the creative review.

Yep, we’re undoubtedly in the magic industry.

It’s this magic that our clients come to us for.

It’s (mostly) what they pay us for.

Magic is the bit they can’t do on their own.

Or their freelancer cousin seemed unable to do.

Magic is the mysterious, unquantifiable, and surprising thing great ideas have.

It’s the unique solution to a problem.

It can be found in the strategy, concept, execution, and delivery.

Magic can come from individual brilliance.

Or from the secret chemistry of many.

Magic is what makes this industry fun, interesting, and ever-changing.

It’s the thing we creative types get up for every day.

And it’s why we bother with all the other malarkey around it.

This year, our Axis theme celebrates what creativity is truly about.

A kind of magic.

This is the call to conjure up yours.


Axis deadline today 4pm Thursday, January 20