Ad Stars launches Global MAD Academy giving students the chance to learn from the experts

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Ad Stars launches Global MAD Academy giving students the chance to learn from the experts

The Global MAD Academy, which first opened last year, is now recruiting for students.


The Global MAD (Marketing, Advertising and Digital) academy is an initiative from the AD STARS organizing committee, the purpose of the Academy is to provide affordable professional education on the latest trends in the fields of Marketing, Advertising and Digital.

The enrolment period closes on April 10th. The Academy’s opening day is set to be April 13th.

Enrolment and tuition fee payments will be made via the Academy’s website ( Lectures will be released sequentially for 10 weeks at midnight every Wednesday (in Korean time).

All lectures will be conducted in English with a tuition fee of $1 per subject.

In addition, free admission tickets will be provided to Ukrainian students to aid support and recover the advertising/marketing industry and creative professionals of Ukraine.

Says Brett Macfarlane world innovator, founder of Valor and instructor at the Global MAD Academy: “Innovation is for everyone. It’s also a product of experimentation and collaboration which creatives are well-positioned to lead. That’s why I love making innovation training programs based on my 20 years of creative and digital leadership with leading global brands. I really look forward to teaching at the Global MAD Academy, as we need more innovators to help change the world.”

Instructors and lecture subjects in 2022 are as follows:

– Ankur Kalita, Executive Creative Director, 6 Mile – All Tigers Have Different Stripes
– Birger Linke, Chief Creative Officer, Birger Linke Design – Position for Change
– Brett Macfarlane, Founder, Valor – Innovation by Design
– Gábor Spielmann, Creative Director/Partner, Kabooom – Creative Work in Advertising with Social, Ecological Aspects
– Guan Hin Tay, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO – Get Creative with Vertical Storytelling
– Josie Burns, Creative Director, VMLY&R – Creative Advertising Copywriting

1. What is the Global MAD Academy?

A. The Global MAD Academy is…
The Global MAD Academy is an integrated practical training platform covering the latest trends in global Marketing, Advertising and Digital content, featuring some of the world’s leading experts in their field. The Global MAD Academy is run by AD STARS, an international festival that combines creativity with cutting-edge technology, and celebrates creative solutions that promote positive change in the world.

B. Features
– Easy accessibility from around the world through an online-centred hybrid education program
– A global academy with the world’s best instructors in each industry
– Top graduates will be invited to take part in job networking events held on-site special during AD STARS in Busan, South Korea (subject to change). This will enable students to build contacts in the industry, which could lead to potential business opportunities.

2. Who should apply?

A. MAD industry professionals (from the Marketing, Advertising or Digital fields)
– Advertisers (Marketers, Marketing-related Staff, Brand/Promotion Managers, Digital Strategists, Market Research Analysts, Social Media Managers etc.)
– Advertising companies (Account Planners, Creatives, Strategists, Content Specialists, Media Account Directors, etc.)

B. University students and graduates who wish to work in a MAD industry

Find out more and enrol at

Entries for the AD STARS 2022 are now open. The deadline is set for the 15th of May (KST). Non-professionals and professionals are welcome. Submit your creative campaigns at