The Work 2022 Contenders: Cirkus

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

Rosemary Health: Rosemary Feels Better
Production Company: Cirkus
Creative Agency: Milk + Honey United
Fun and clever 90″ claymation style animation campaign for Australian multi-media campaign. In place of the health sector’s typical staid marketing featuring doctors in white lab coats, Sydney-based Milk + Honey United broke the mold and revamped Rosemary’s branding from the ground up with a distinctive and joyful claymation-style campaign that includes films, digital, website, social, and out-of-home.

Centerpiece of the campaign is a series of high-energy films featuring a lovably ramshackle animated band called “Fully Sick” banging out a catchy indie rock tune with cheeky lyrics describing the benefits of online care (“Doctors without the waiting rooms”, “Pills without the eye-popping bills”, “Repeat prescriptions from our pharmacists unless you need an exorcist”), concluding with the song chorus tagline “Rosemary Feels Better”.


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