Comms Council to host ‘Brandsplaining: Why Marketing is (still) sexist and how to fix it’ webinar on Wednesday 4 May, 8.30am-10am

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Comms Council to host ‘Brandsplaining: Why Marketing is (still) sexist and how to fix it’ webinar on Wednesday 4 May, 8.30am-10am

Off the back of the success of their first Learnings Webinar (a new webinar series developed to bring insightful speakers with relevant topics to members each month) the Commercial Communication Council (Comms Council) announces the next talk in the series, Brandsplaining: Why Marketing is (still) sexist and how to fix it.


‘Brandsplaining: why marketing is (still) sexist and how to fix it’ is also a book published by Penguin last year. Co-written by Philippa Roberts and Jane Cunningham who also run PLH Research – the UK’s leading research consultancy specialising in female audiences.

The book – described by Penguin as a cross between Invisible Women and Ogilvy on Advertising – is based on 15 years of market research with female audiences. It examines how and why sexist tropes continue to dominate, the strengths and failings of ‘fempowerment’ communications, and the ‘sneaky sexism’ that now characterizes much of modern marketing. The authors then propose a set of ten innovative principles – built out of their research – to create marketing that is fresh, exciting and, at last, sexism free.

Described by Dr Aarathi Prasad as “an outrageously important book. Erudite, funny and deeply engaging” Brandsplaining has been an Amazon Bestseller since its launch in September last year.

In their talk, Cunningham and Roberts will introduce us to three key themes from the book followed by a Q and A to discuss and explore way to better connect with female audiences.

The webinar will be delivered via Zoom on Wednesday 4 May, from 8.30am-10am.

Joining Roberts and Cunningham as chair will be Comms Council CEO Simon Lendrum.

Says Lendrum: “What we are trying to achieve with these webinars is to bring stimulating topics to the fore and engage our industry in conversations that matter, and that’s why we naturally though it was important for Jane and Philippa to share their findings in the New Zealand market.”

Tickets are $25+bf for Members, $75+bf for Non-Members. Members also have the options to purchase a ticket with a copy of the book for $55+bf. Book here now.