EightyOne launches new Behaviour Change consultancy EightyOneBC

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EightyOne launches new Behaviour Change consultancy EightyOneBC

(Pictured L-R: Jason Wells, Matt Benson, Tracey Bridges, Chris Bleackley)

EightyOne is announcing the launch of EightyOneBC, a unique Behaviour Change consultancy combining data, insight and creative. EightyOneBC will provide the structures and strategy to affect change on a national scale. It has been formed to address the hard to solve human, social and economic problems that affect so many New Zealanders.

Matt Benson will lead EightyOneBC, alongside Tracey Bridges chair of EightyOne, Jason Wells CEO of DOT loves data, and Chris Bleackley executive creative director of EightyOne.

EightyOneBC’s people are experts in change strategy, stakeholder engagement, communication, co-design, insights and research, data analysis and creativity.

Benson has spent the last 30 years as a researcher working alongside change leaders exploring why people do the things they do and how to create change.

Change is complex and it is hard and it is worth doing well. EightyOneBC is committed to supporting change leaders by bringing together a unique set of expertise, talents and capabilities together into one team.

The opportunity to lead this team with some of the biggest talents in behaviour change strategy, data and creative is hugely exciting.

Bridges is no stranger to behaviour change, with 25 years of experience working in social marketing and behaviour change in New Zealand and Australia.

Wells has spent much of his professional career assembling evidence to tell stories, with 15 years experience in creatively solving problems with Y&R advertising as its national ideas director before setting up DOT in 2014.

Bleackley brings his extensive creative experience to explore behaviour challenges from new perspectives and help bring to life change strategy, designing delivery and communication that bring about meaningful change.

The team have tackled a range of behaviour change challenges over the years including climate change, healthy eating, financial literacy, family violence prevention, injury prevention, alcohol moderation, sexual health, biosecurity, smoking cessation, water safety, conservation, mental health, child protection and road safety.

EightyOneBC supports leadership teams and program designers across the behaviour change process from defining the change problem, through to designing interventions that work, while ensuring system change and partner capability requirements are acknowledged as part of the solution.

EightyOneBC’s job is to support the development of new change initiatives or pivot existing ones by establishing a strong strategic foundation and identifying the optimum pathway to change. EightyOneBC synthesizes existing evidence and research, work with experts to deliver strategic clarity anchored in data and end develop solutions inspired by the most creative thinkers in the country.

EightyOneBC thinks deeply but acts fast. EightyOneBC ensures that while evidence and experts and system perspectives are included, it places the human with all their emotions, aspirations, and complexity at the core of its change approach.

To learn more about EightyOneBC or to discuss a change challenge you are grappling with please contact Matt Benson (matt.benson@eightyone.co.nz) or Tracey Bridges (tracey@eightyone.co.nz).