The Motion Designers Guild of Aotearoa launches to unite creative communities

The Motion Designers Guild of Aotearoa launches to unite creative communities

Two industry veterans, united by a slack group and a desire to bring together talented creatives, have launched a new guild. The Motion Designers Guild of Aotearoa, founded by Shaun Madgwick and Blair Walker, aims to help raise awareness of the industry, share career opportunities, and inspire students to become future leaders in motion graphics.


The Guild has been a labour of love for Madgwickn and Walker that has evolved organically over the past 15 years. Starting as an online community and becoming something with strong real life professional and personal connections for all involved.

Madgwick is a freelance motion designer and art director. He noticed that motion design wasn’t being recognised as it should be by other institutions and saw an opportunity to formalise what had previously been very informal: “The slack group is great and will continue, I regularly get technical advice, get inspired by peoples work or pick up jobs through it, but it was quite informal and disparate.

“By formalising the Guild we can build connections with the universities, attract talent, and provide connectivity to a group of people who work in what, at times, can be quite isolating roles.”

The Guild’s first official meeting will be taking place on Thursday, June 2, 6pm at Brother’s Beer in Mt. Eden.

Says Madgwick: “We’re open to anyone; editors, illustrators, graphic designers, character animators, motion designers, photographers, producers. If you’re already working in the industry or keen to find out more I encourage you to join and if you can, come along to our first meetup.”

Blair Walker, head of post production at TBWA\NZ, wants the Guild to act as a community to connect like-minded creative motion designers who often work alone: “Motion covers a variety of skills and disciplines. Graphic design, photography, stop motion, illustration, 2d and 3d animation, editing, colour grading and visual effects to name a few. We want to bring people with these skill sets together as a way to showcase the incredible passion and talent the industry encompasses.

“By doing so, we’ll highlight best practice, share ideas, experiences and support the growth of the industry.”

The Guild launches with a video showcasing the variety of work that covers motion design and the broad range of talent in Aotearoa.

To join the Motion Designers Guild of Aotearoa or to find more information visit or join the slack group.

The first MGDA meetup is as follows:

What: MDGA Guild Meet Up
Where: Brother’s Beer Mount Eden
When: June 2
Time: 6pm

The Motion Designers Guild of Aotearoa launches to unite creative communities