Picky Images launches ‘Koha for Comp’ initiative

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Picky Images launches ‘Koha for Comp’ initiative

NZ-based image marketplace, Picky, has launched a first-of-its kind scheme – an honesty-box style koha for stock image comp downloads.


It’s known in the industry that creatives and designers often need to nab stock images for jazzing up treatment boards, client presentations, pitch decks or internal reports. But there’s huge value in those images helping to sell in a creative concept, idea, photographic aesthetics or style. Yet that value is often not passed on to the photographer.

Introducing “Koha for Comp” – a simple Picky initiative striving to change that. For a $15 fee, Picky offers stock comp images that can be downloaded for internal and pitch use only at a higher-resolution with an unobtrusive watermark. The idea being that a little something goes back into the photographer’s pocket.

Says Kimberley Torrie, co-founder and creative director, Picky: “Coming from the advertising industry ourselves, we know comp images are used on the daily to help sell to clients. These epic images help translate a yet-to-be-produced vision into a desirable idea, also acting as an aid to not-so-visual stakeholders to understand the scope of an idea. So there’s immense power in using a comp image. It felt like a neat opportunity to say “cheers” to the photographers for providing the goods on Picky, and to know their work is valued out there in the world.”

Picky Images launches ‘Koha for Comp’ initiative

The scheme has been a hit with Picky contributing photographers, appreciating the addition of a koha to the fair and flexible licensing system in place.

Says Picky contributor Paul Petch from Ōtautahi: “What attracted me to join Picky is the authentic collection that is being compiled along with the fair and flexible rates passed on to photographers. Picky also offers the ability for photographers to choose what market they wish for their work to be used by – offering an ethical process of licensing.”

The Picky photographic community would love agencies and studios to give Koha for Comp a try for their next pitch, internal presentations or mood boards. Picky says they “don’t expect it all the time, but where you can, give it a go.”

Female co-founded in late 2021, Picky.co.nz markets high-quality, local photography from all corners of Aotearoa. With over 50 photographers signed, and over half of these female. Looking for an image, or want to have a yarn, flick us a note at hello@picky.co.nz.

Paul Petch is a Christchurch based commercial photographer and Picky contributor. You can view his website at www.christchurchphotographer.co.nz and view his Picky collection at https://picky.co.nz/collections/paul-petch