WellingtonNZ maps local business brilliance in ‘Only in Wellington’ campaign via EightyOne

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WellingtonNZ has teamed up with local businesses in a campaign, developed by EightyOne, to attract skilled people to Wellington- Te Whanganui-a-Tara, as the destination to come work, live, and play.


Ten businesses tell their stories of how they embraced the ‘Wellington effect’, and succeeded in the creative capital, through a multi-channelled campaign called Only in Wellington .

Says Joe Harawira, founder of 3 Māori Boys: “There’s a creative energy and sense of resilience… Whether it’s the people you meet or the places you go, once you embrace the city, you feel it.”

The campaign includes Joe Harawira of 3 Māori Boys, Rachel Taulelei from Oho, Claire & James Fuller from Hnry, Sonya Williams of Sharesies, Sir Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger of Wētā Workshop, Roman Jewell founder of Fix & Fogg, Lorenzo Bresolin of Scopa & 1154, Jos Ruffell from Garage Project, Wellington On a Plate’s Sarah Meikle, and Delivereasy’s Nick Foster.

Todd Barberel, WellingtonNZ general manager of marketing and communications, says the Only in Wellington campaign aims to highlight what is possible in a region renowned for creativity: “Wellington is full of opportunity, and a special kind of magic. It’s a place where you can dream big. A place where you can meaningfully live, work, and thrive.

“The effect of Wellington Te Whanganui-a-Tara as a place, on its people and communities, has helped fuel business innovation, entrepreneurship and talent growth.”

Wellington is known for a diverse range of industries – including science and technology, screen ranging from films to gaming, craft food and beverage, sustainability, government, and the arts.

WellingtonNZ has created a series of tools to support local businesses, including a free digital marketing webinar series Unlocking Digital Marketing, covering everything from retail online sales and digital marketing strategies, to content creation and social media.

Aiming to inspire people of all walks of life, the interviews and stories of these successful Wellingtonians are shared through video and text, for a world-wide audience to explore.

Says Chris Bleackley, executive creative director, EightyOne: “This was a great opportunity to celebrate the profound effect this city has had on so many people who’ve gone on to do amazing things.”

Watch the Only in Wellington video and explore the stories and the people behind them at WellingtonNZ.com/OnlyInWLG