F45 launches new member-led storytelling campaign ‘That’s Why I F45’ via Abel

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F45 Training, a leading global fitness community has launched its latest campaign ‘That’s Why I F45’ developed by creative agency Abel.


The content series draws on members, trainers and franchise owners to engage in real conversations about why they commit to F45 and how it holistically fits into their lives.

Brought to life in partnership with Abel, media agency iProspect Australia, editor Tom Antolin and content production agency I Want It Yesterday, the campaign shines a light on the people who show up to F45 each day and tells the unique stories that have mutually connected them. The campaign rolls out with nine spotlight stories, showcasing the power behind F45’s ethos, with more authentic stories to be added to the collection over time.

Told straight from the perspectives of members, trainers and owners, the campaign explores the benefits of F45 in a relatable way and breaks down the barriers that are preventing Australians from taking the next step in their fitness journey.

Says Tom Dowd, CEO of F45 Training: “Just as there are thousands of workouts and movements within F45’s approach to exercise, there are similarly countless people within our community who have connected with a shared sense of purpose through F45. ‘That’s Why I F45’ harnesses the power of storytelling, and shares real anecdotes of our people, allowing them to inspire others.

“We encourage everyone to find their ‘why,’ whether it’s your first class or class one thousand, with studio locations nationwide, F45 provides a welcoming environment for everyone.”

Says Brian Killingsworth, chief marketing officer, F45: “The creative direction goes beyond showpiece advertisements and scripted testimonials and instead embraces a mixed-media approach, harnessing the power of user-generated content. With visuals featuring authentic, real-life moments, complemented by heartfelt voice overs that share the personal experiences of the featured individuals, it simultaneously inspires and invites viewers to discover their ‘WHY’.”

The campaign is live and will run until the end of January 2024 across TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and digital publications.

Agency: Abel
Nicole Jauncey, Creative, Co-Founder
Simon Fowler, Creative, Co-Founder
Phil Robbie, Creative Partner
Nicholas Kelly, Art Director
Siobhan Bird, Copywriter
Jennifer Fowler, Project Director

Production. I Want It Yesterday
Editor. Tom Antolini
Design. Mark Blackler
Music Composition: Timothy Commandeur

Kirsty Forbes, Vice President Marketing
Joshua Garber – Global Director of Brand
Zachary Astran – Director of Content