Applications now open for Global MAD Academy for aspiring advertising professionals

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Applications now open for Global MAD Academy for aspiring advertising professionals

MAD STARS is accepting applications for the third iteration of the Global MAD Academy, its online platform that gives aspiring advertising professionals a headstart in the industry. The Global MAD Academy provides practical education in marketing, advertising, and digital content.


It’s a world-class advertising academy with a difference. Students can join and learn from anywhere on the world at any time they choose. All courses are online. This makes it possible for students to balance their studies with work or other commitments.

Global MAD Academy students learn from experts in the industry with years of experience in their fields. They can also choose the courses that suit their interests, goals, and schedule, learn at their own speed, review the materials as many times as they need, and practise their skills with real-world projects and assignments.

The courses are divided into three categories – Marketing, Advertising and Digital Content. Four new courses will be offered in 2023, in addition to a selection of the popular courses from 2021 and 2022. Here are the new and re-opened courses.

Applications now open for Global MAD Academy for aspiring advertising professionals

Find all courses here.

Says Alex Collares, senior art director at Ogilvy Australia: “I am honoured to be an instructor at Global MAD Academy, where I have the privilege of mentoring and inspiring young creatives. In our career, we are learning every day, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with many incredible individuals. So, helping students unleash their potential in the art direction process and giving them more confidence makes perfect sense to me.”

Says Kenneth Tung, executive creative director, Havas Group Hong Kong: “Advertising always need fresh minds, and Global MAD Academy is unquestionably valid. Creativity knows no boundaries. The world is changing rapidly, and I am interested in seeing Global MAD Academy progress. In a sense, it refreshes our industry.

“This course does not possess a magical formula that instantly sparks creative genius in everyone, but its purpose is to instil in students a profound understanding of the creative mindset that is essential for navigating the advertising industry.”

Says Alex Mota, creative director, End to End: “The Global MAD Academy is something I wish I had had in the early 2000s: easy access to professionals to get guidance and tips so I could hit the ground running from the very beginning. Our students do have it now. And with different backgrounds and ideas, they will surely bring freshness to the table. I want to help them foster and work with it as best as possible.”

• Applications are open here, deadline Wednesday, December 6.
• The tuition fee is US$10 per course.
• Find everything you need to know about the Global MAD Academy, including details of all the courses and their instructors here.