An important message from your CCO or ECD about Media Design School’s End of Year Show next Tuesday night, November 21


Hey creatives, hope you’ve all got the important message from someone who looks like, sounds like, but isn’t quite your CCO or ECD, urging you to make your way to Everybody’s next Tuesday night, November 21 from 6:00pm – 8.30pm, to check out if MDS AdSchool’s student books have “Actual Ideas” in them or if they’re all just flavour-of-the-month AI executions.


Says Kate Humphries, programme director, MDS: “If your message isn’t there yet, blame your way-too-shy CCO or ECD for being too down-low on the video or audio front with their digital footprint – but our sleuths are at work and the final batch should be in your inbox by mid-afternoon.

“Big shout out to Lucy Yeaji Lim, Rose Heron, Reece O’Gorman, Lita Vatuvei, Frey McCahon-Jones, Joe Faundo, Fredric Martini, Vince Martins, Olivia Walker and George Adams, our sleuthing-writing and re-writing-AI training and endlessly re-training, video and sound-editing team of AdSchool students who worked tirelessly to pump out 30 AI invites over the past week.

“And, of course, big nostalgic hugs to all the MDS alumni that helped us out this week.”

MDS AdSchool’s End of Year Portfolio Show
When: 6:00pm – 8.30pm, Tuesday, 21st November
Where: Everybody’s, Imperial House, 7 Fort Lane