Apple gives viewers ‘Fuzzy Feelings’ in latest holiday film via TBWA\Media Arts Lab

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Combining elements of stop-motion and live-action, Apple has joined forces with “Hacks” director Lucia Aniello and stop-motion animator and director Anna Mantzaris to create the 4-minute holiday film “Fuzzy Feelings” via TBWA\Media Arts Lab.


The film begins with a stop-motion animated scene where viewers find a felt man walking through wintry streets, beset by a series of unfortunate events. Suddenly, the camera zooms out to reveal the creator of the animated film, a young woman using iPhone 15 Pro Max to capture her stop motion project and 15-inch MacBook Air with M2 to edit it.

Office worker by day and stop-motion artist by night, the film switches between the woman’s live-action real world and stop-motion imaginary world, as viewers see the animator process challenges with her boss through her stop motion film.

The latest installment of Apple’s annual holiday films, “Fuzzy Feelings,” reminds viewers that a little creativity can help make a kinder world. The film will live on YouTube, accompanied by a behind the scenes look at the making of “Fuzzy Feelings” below and on YouTube and @apple.

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Director: Lucia Aniello
DP: James Laxton
Production Company: Hungry Man
Animation Director: Anna Mantzaris
Animation Production Company: Passion Pictures
Music: “Isn’t It a Pity” by George Harrison