Speight’s quizzes the nation in new digital OOH campaign via LUMO, Adtrek + EssenceMediacom

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Speight’s, in collaboration with LUMO, Adtrek and EssenceMediacom, is celebrating New Zealand’s thirst for trivia with a first-of-its-kind dynamic Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) solution, designed to test the knowledge of commuters nationwide.


Whether it’s gathering in pubs for the weeknight quiz, eagerly watching The Chase before the six o’clock news, or competing with the stranger you’re sitting next to in the inflight quiz, Kiwi’s love for trivia is undeniable.

Making clever use of LUMO’s 16-second ad play length, a self-served dynamic creative solution using Adtrek’s adCMS product has taken the questions and answers commonly found under the bottle caps of the iconic Kiwi beer and displayed them across the digital billboard network.

Speight’s quizzes the nation in new digital OOH campaign via LUMO, Adtrek + EssenceMediacom

This is the first instance of DOOH creative being dynamically adjusted within a back-to-back ad play transition. The two-part creative displays a trivia question for the first 8 seconds, followed by the answer in the remaining play duration. A list of questions and answers is prepopulated and updated in Adtrek’s adCMS Content Management System, with the HTML creative rotating through the questions and answers, allocating them to the appropriate half of the ad play.

“Speights is the one beer, where the second thing you do after opening it, is drink it,” points out LUMO’s Rob Law, who was instrumental in realising this concept alongside the teams at Adtrek, EssenceMediacom, and Speights. “This collaboration has leveraged partner and network capabilities to bring to life a pastime closely associated with NZ’s number one beer.”

The DOOH campaign will present a variety of questions, encompassing everything from sports trivia to more general topics, designed to challenge audiences during their daily commute. A novel way to add some entertainment and engage commuters in what might otherwise be routine parts of their day.

Says Courtney Barnett, business director at EssenceMediacom on the campaign’s strategic use of DOOH: “This campaign is a testament to the creative and dynamic possibilities of DOOH. Specifically, the capabilities possible through LUMO have allowed Speights to harness the medium versatility to create an iconic DOOH execution.”

Throughout the campaign, Speight’s trivia questions will be regularly introduced using Adtrek’s adCMS Content Management System. This client-managed platform streamlines the process of updating questions and answers on the screens, significantly reducing the time and effort required for creative production.

Says Kris Hansen, brand manager at Speight’s: “We’re extremely excited to have our iconic Speight’s bottle caps on billboards across NZ so we can continue connecting with our consumers in fresh and innovative ways. Keep an eye out for these as they go live this week. Good on ya mate.”