Meadow Fresh separates the real from the fake in new KALÓ campaign via DDB Group Aotearoa


For the first time since 2018, a new KALÓ brand campaign from Meadow Fresh, in collaboration with DDB Group Aotearoa, is launching to highlight KALÓ’s credentials as ‘Greek yoghurt – made the real way’.


In the hero film, ‘I Want Real’, we meet an unlikely hero called K729-33 (Kay for short), who among other things, dreams of tasting KALÓ’s thick, creamy, and authentically made Greek yoghurt.

Kay is a sentient supermarket self-checkout machine, tormented all her short life by a display of KALÓ yoghurts directly across from her, despite the fact she is unable to taste them.

Says Danielle Dyson, head of dairy marketing and category at Goodman Fielder: “KALÓ is made using fresh New Zealand milk and a culture originating from the Greek island of Crete. It’s strained the authentic way, providing New Zealanders with the real deal – which is exactly what ‘I Want Real’ is all about.”

Says Matt Williams, creative director at DDB Group Aotearoa: “Kay is all of us. In a world that’s becoming increasingly more fake by the day – AI, social media, the Kardashians’ faces – Kay craves a life that’s a little more real and authentic, like we all do.

“And you can’t get much more real and authentic than KALÓ’s Greek yoghurt. Who better to tell us that, over and over again, than a sentient self-checkout machine who’s never so much as tasted it?”

‘I Want Real’ launches as an integrated campaign.

Meadow Fresh separates the real from the fake in new KALÓ campaign via DDB Group Aotearoa

Francis Coulter: Head of Retail Marketing
Danielle Dyson: Head of Marketing and Category, Dairy
Michael Campbell: Senior Brand Manager, Dairy

Agency: DDB Aotearoa

Production Company: The Sweetshop
Director: Max Barden
Executive Producer: Ben Dailey
Executive Producer: Kate Roydhouse
Producer: Anna Stuart
Cinematographer: Crighton Bone
Stills Photographer: Troy Goodall
Offline Editor: Dan Kircher
Grade @ Images & Sound: Alana Cotton
Online @ The Sweetshop: Stu Bedford

Media agency: MBM