MDS AdSchool students score two nominations for the 2024 Student Axis; AUT students score one

MDS AdSchool students score two nominations for the 2024 Student Axis; AUT students score one

After two rounds of judging a multitude of campaigns from MDS and AUT, the final three ideas going forward for AXIS Awards judging in 2024 have been announced, with two of them coming from Media Design School students from its Creative Advertising programme and one from AUT.


Says Kate Humphries, programme director, AdSchool: “A huge thank you to the judges Haydn Kerr ECD at Tango Aotearoa; Kristal Knight ECD at Ogilvy NZ; Angelo An and Alan Jones, senior creatives at FCB; and one of MDS’s most favourite mentors ever, senior copywriter, Michael Swinburn.

“We know how very busy you all are, so we really do appreciate you taking the time out to nurture future talent by putting yourselves through two rounds of judging, as well as providing invaluable feedback for all the shortlisted teams so they could respond to it ahead of the second round of judging . And Haydn, Angelo and Alan you are absolute legends for insisting on giving your feedback to the 11 MDS and 7 AUT first round finalists, face-to-face at MDS. Generously gifting several hours out of your day hugely benefitted both students and teachers alike. And, Haydn Kerr, I can attest that I for one felt taught.

“A big high five also to the Comms Council and James Wotton in particular for getting the show on the road in the first place by organising the competition, the briefing, the judging and the feedback sessions. And to Tara McKenty, chief innovation officer and co-ECD at BMF Sydney, our grateful thanks for allowing MDS’s Industry Fellow, Andy Blood to coral you into coming along to talk to the MDS students, and a veritable crowd of AUT students to help inspire and guide them through the finer points of the briefing.

“And finally, a big congratulations to our nominated MDS teams: James Sandham and Felix Ngahere for Google Pigeons, an idea about which the judges applauded for “Promoting AD NET ZERO…by making the most sustainable ads ever. Love it!” and “Love this…I really like the simplicity of ‘we used the birds people hate, to save the birds they love”; and to Lucy Yeaji Lim and Rose Heron for The Protective Pixel, about which the judges commented: “Banger. You should make this”, “Great re-appropriation of an error!”, and “Is this real?  If so, it’s amazing. Big problem, creative solution”. And lastly, a warm-sportsperson-like hug to the nominated AUT team of Tom Maker and Andee Raven for The Plunket Open Book about which the judges said: “Excellent. Children’s books are a great lesson-learning tool. This essentially lets you create a bespoke story for any life lesson” and “Has a creative idea. I haven’t seen this before. I like it.”

“See you all at the final nail-biting announcement at the 2024 Axis Awards to see whose idea takes out the Student Axis on the night!”