The Comms Council launches AXIS Awards’ First Five Rungs Shadow Judging programme

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The Comms Council launches AXIS Awards’ First Five Rungs Shadow Judging programme

After the success of the FFR Effie Shadow Judging Programme, the AXIS Awards, in collaboration with the Comms Council First Five Rungs, has announced the launch of the AXIS First Five Rungs’ Shadow Judging Programme.


The programme offers emerging talent and industry enthusiasts a unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience and insights into the judging process of the prestigious AXIS Awards.

To apply, nominate or learn more about the AXIS Awards and the FFR Shadow Judging Programme. Click here. Spaces for this programme are limited, and reserved for creatives.

The AXIS Awards is renowned for celebrating and inspiring the best creative advertising in Aotearoa. With the introduction of the FFR Shadow Judging Programme, participants will have the exclusive chance to observe and learn from seasoned judges, understand the essential elements that contribute to a compelling paper, and explore the intricacies of assessing marketing creativity.

The FFR Shadow Judging Programme aims to foster professional growth by equipping participants with practical knowledge that can be applied to their future endeavours. By engaging with experienced judges and observing the judging process, aspiring marketers and industry enthusiasts will gain unparalleled insights into the inner workings of the AXIS Awards and the standards of excellence they represent.

Says Aroha Gell, chair of the First Five Rungs in the Capital: “First Five Rungs exists to foster the next generation of advertisers. Shadowing expert judges, and hearing their whakaaro on what award winning work looks like will be the most intensely inspiring opportunity.”

Says Zoë MacDonald-Mair, chair of the First Five Rungs in Auckland: “The awards process holds a lot of mystique, and we feel privileged to be able to give emerging talent this opportunity to understand the inner workings of what it takes to be a judge. We can’t wait to see where this programme goes, it offers a lot of potential for industry newcomers.”

The Comms Council believes that the FFR Shadow Judging Programme will offer unparalleled growth prospects for future judges, equipping them with invaluable knowledge and first-hand experience in assessing marketing effectiveness.

You can find the AXIS FFR Shadow Judging application and submission form here