Resn launches ‘Sheer Cupidity’: An AI-Powered Valentine’s Card

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Resn launches ‘Sheer Cupidity’: An AI-Powered Valentine’s Card

This Valentine’s Day, Cupid has been rebooted with the launch of Sheer Cupidity, an AI-powered experience developed by creative digital agency Resn, that lets users create personalised Valentine’s cards.


Users simply share a few details about themselves and their lucky Valentine and the AI Cupid creates a unique Valentine’s image and a romantic poem that captures the essence of their love story.

To make the experience, Resn leveraged multiple AI platforms, combining the image-creating capabilities of DALL·E 3, the generative text of GPT-4, and a naturalistic Text-to-Speech application to create a fun and engaging Valentine’s Day experience. To set the mood, it comes with a sexy earworm of a soundtrack featuring thrumming bass, sultry saxophone, and husky vocals for a memorable night of celebration.

Says Rik Campbell, CEO, Resn: “We wanted to show how AI can be used creatively. While AI has the potential to disrupt the way we work, we want to show that when humans take the reins, we can harness AI to unlock new and interesting possibilities.”

Sheer Cupidity can be found at: