Production collective 13CO launches FR13NDS

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Production collective 13CO launches FR13NDS

Creative production collective 13CO is proud to announce the official launch of FR13NDS, an offering of freelance commercial directors and photographers.


FR13NDS combines a trusted platform of curated local (and soon to be international) freelance directors and photographers from diverse backgrounds and specialties with the production experience of award winning 13CO, run by executive producers Charity Downing and Roy De Giorgio.

Says De Giorgio: “We listened to both agencies and directors alike, who were looking for a professional and trusted solution in the freelance space. We’ve been working with more freelancers over the years, so the time feels right to formalise this into the new FR13NDS brand.”

Production collective 13CO launches FR13NDS

Some of the directors featured include: Tim Green, JH Walker,  Lincoln Caplice, Lachy French, Hamish MacGregor, Giovanni Pacielo, Jesse James McElroy, Ant McPhail and Alex Feggans. Current photographers include: Larnce Gold, Myles Pritchard, Jonathan Cami & Andrew Buckley.

More collaborators are featured on the website and more even available behind the scenes.

Says De Giorgio: “Our offering is very broad. Regardless of what anyone promises, it always comes down to pairing the right creative on every project. Our list is always fluid as different collaborators become available depending on the creative, schedule and dynamics of any project. We have many more collaborators who are keen to work with FR13NDS so we’ll be adding more filmmakers and photographers as needed.”

Production collective 13CO launches FR13NDS Production collective 13CO launches FR13NDS

Says Downing: “Over the years, we have often been approached for photography to compliment motion or as a stand alone so we’ve always had a listed of trusted photographers that we work with. It’s great that they now have a home with FR13NDS. We’re always trying to come up with interesting models to combine skillsets on jobs to provide clients a more cohesive experience and consistency of creative.”

The director genres cover comedy, visual narrative, post + vfx, automotive, real people, visuals/beauty and tabletop.

For more information about FR13NDS or 13CO, please visit the websites or to explore the rosters.

For all enquiries, contact Charity Downing at or Roy De Giorgio at

Production collective 13CO launches FR13NDS

Image 2: Mobile – Director: JH Walker
Image 3: Dollar Shave Club – Director: Tim Green
Image 4: Dable – Director: Jesse James McElroy
Image 5: Audi – Director: Lincoln Caplice