Director Mitch J Green joins Larchmont

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Director Mitch J Green joins Larchmont

Larchmont has announced that Mitch J Green has joined the roster of talented directors for exclusive representation in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Green brings with him a knack for craft that is complemented by his authentic performances. A style reflected in his remarkable character.

A self-made filmmaker, Green’s journey from art school dropout to acclaimed director is a testament to his passion for ideas and storytelling. Rooted in his background in writing and documentary filmmaking, Green’s directorial style is characterised by a powerful visual language and genuine performances that captivate audiences.

His career took a significant leap in 2021 when he received the coveted New Talent Award for direction at the prestigious Ciclope Festival. Prior to this milestone, in 2020, he was recognized as one of the distinguished 35 for SHOOT’s Global ‘New Director’s Showcase’ and was shortlisted for the 1.4 Awards ‘On the Cusp of Greatness’.

Says Liv Reddy, managing director and partner at Larchmont: “Attaching ourselves to Mitch, will undoubtedly prove to be one of our best decisions. His incredible eye and exceptional knack for eliciting stellar performances from actors and non-actors alike, paired with his remarkable intellect, unwavering work ethic and magnetic personality, positions him for boundless opportunities and we feel honoured to be a part of it all.”

His sensibilities have led him to work on campaigns for Google, Volkswagen, Reebok, BMW and many more.

Says Luke Kneller, executive producer at Larchmont: “We’ve been on the hunt for a truly exceptional Sydney-based director. Mitch emerged as the absolute perfect choice, embodying all of what Larchmont is and will grow to be. I’m excited to create some absolute standout work alongside Mitch.”

Says Green: “Larchmont have been on my radar for a while. The roster feels artfully considered and featuring amongst the other directors is truly humbling. Just as important to me though is that Liv, Luke and Noah are as cool, kind and clever as they come. Absolutely lovely humans that I’m very grateful to call new friends.”

To see Mitch J Green’s work, click HERE.

To collaborate please contact Liv Reddy or Luke Kneller