WellingtonNZ launches new ‘You Would in Wellington’ campaign via Clemenger BBDO


WellingtonNZ and agency partner Clemenger BBDO have launched a new brand platform, You Would in Wellington.


The platform is a love letter to Wellington’s wild spirit, its unpretentious, unselfconscious, carefree attitude, and its way of liberating the inner, bolder side of its visitors, investors and residents.

Says Todd Barberel, destination, marketing and communications general manager, WellingtonNZ: “We know that Wellington has an intangible energy that has an affect on those that experience it.

“We tasked Clemenger BBDO to encapsulate all this energy in a new brand platform, capable of engaging and exciting potential visitors and future residents.

“You Would in Wellington is a platform with immense flex. It positions Wellington as a place of vibrant change, in a way only Wellington can.”

WellingtonNZ launches new ‘You Would in Wellington’ campaign via Clemenger BBDO

Says Brigid Alkema, chief creative officer of Clemenger BBDO: “The one thing Wellington never is, is beige. Everyone who touched this was passionate about embracing this city’s quirks and charms, and letting that shine through in the positioning. Rather than simply being about the place, it’s about people, and the effect that Wellington has on you, as a visitor or local.

“Wellington is unique, fun, proud and different, and we’re looking forward to unfolding that story with WellingtonNZ over the coming years, with You Would in Wellington.”

The platform is kicking off with a campaign encouraging domestic visitation, brought to life by director Louis Sutherland, of Wellington-based production company Honeymoon Films.

Says Sutherland: “As a local who loves this place to bits, I wanted the character of the city to sing loud and proud. You Would in Wellington gave us freedom to explore everything from the chilled-out relaxation on offer, to the city’s more spontaneous side.”

Client: Wellington NZ
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
Production company: Honeymoon Films
Director: Louis Sutherland
Producer: Breigh Sutherland