The Institute of Environmental Science and Research launches new website via Tribal

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The Institute of Environmental Science and Research launches new website via Tribal

Leading web design and development firm Tribal has partnered with the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) to create a cutting-edge and user-friendly website tailored to inform audiences and showcase world-leading research and expertise.


ESR, one of Aotearoa’s government Crown Research Institutes, sought Tribal’s expertise to redesign and redevelop their website,

The site is well used by a wide range of audiences from policy makers to public health clinicians, academic researchers, iwi partners, and the public. It was important the website provided valuable information to these different users, communicating the role ESR plays in research across genomics, forensic science, water and environment, disease surveillance, data science and more.

The project involved bringing together several areas of expertise, ensuring the volumes of content were approachable and accessible, using language that provided clarity for its varied audiences, and  highlighting ESR’s impact with Māori.

The result is an innovative website that showcases the ESR’s ongoing work in helping to address some of humanity’s biggest challenges, from climate change to antimicrobial resistance.

Says Dr Nicola Mutch, head of communications and engagement, ESR: “We are excited about the new website created in partnership with Tribal, which is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and designed with our core value of Ora through knowledge at its heart.

“A key goal for us at ESR is to maximise the impact of the science we do. The practical task of presenting this mahi – whether it’s a dashboard tracking influenza rates or published research articles on our pioneering forensic analysis methods – means our science is more accessible, useable, and can make a greater difference for New Zealand.”

While the functionality of the site was important, ESR and Tribal’s design team were committed to making it visually engaging as well.

Says Dr Mutch: “Science is extraordinary for the doors knowledge can open, and the microscopic worlds we can access. We want users to be as inspired and as excited by our science as we are.”

Says James Blair, managing director at Track+Tribal: “Collaborating to ensure that both the technology and content aspects of the project are successfully integrated is the true challenge and key to its success. With a mix of legacy and new technology, as well as a significant amount of content, finding the right balance was crucial.”

Key features of the new website:

• New design and navigation, designed using user insights and data
• A powerful, more intuitive AI-powered search function
• New functionality to support easy and intuitive journeying through the website
• New platform and supporting technology
• Highly secure platform and environment

ESR Project Team
Nicola Mutch, Head of Communications and Engagement
Caleb Starrenburg
David Oborn
Emily-Jane Willmot
Grayson Nepia
Jan Sheppard
Jessica Gaseni del Val
Rob Henderson
Tallulah Morgan
Vikash Doolaub
End2End Ltd

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