Specsavers ANZ media account goes out to pitch

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Specsavers ANZ media account goes out to pitch

As part of its routine business process Specsavers has announced a review of its media agency partnerships. The ANZ optical and audiology brand will be inviting interested agencies to pitch for the media account for the brand across ANZ. The pitch opens today, 8th April 2024.


Since 2016 in Australia and 2010 in New Zealand, Specsavers has worked with IPG Mediabrands’ Initiative and GroupM’s EssenceMediacom NZ. These key partners have played an important role in shaping the brand’s channel selection, media buying strategies, and overall performance.

Shaun Briggs, director of marketing planning ANZ, notes their contributions: “We value the contributions both incumbent agencies have made over the long term and are looking forward to the involvement of both in our upcoming pitch.”

Key information about the pitch process:

• Live from today, 8th April 2024, the pitch process is expected to take approximately 5 months.
• Specsavers is ideally looking to select one media agency partner who can service national needs and bring local knowledge to the Australian and New Zealand markets.
• All media agencies are welcome to apply and express interest by making contact via media.review@specsavers.com, following which they will be required to respond to a short RFI.
• Once RFI submissions are reviewed, suitable agencies will be invited to a chemistry session to assess team and cultural alignment.
• Workshops will follow for up to 3 agencies (+ incumbents) to assess each agency’s ability to respond in a simulated live environment.
• Contracting is expected to be completed in August 2024, allowing for a transition period before the appointment takes effect from March 1, 2025.

Reflecting on the decision to undertake the review, Briggs emphasizes the importance of understanding the advantage long-term partners bring and balancing that with curiosity: “Having spent over eight years with our current agencies, we really value the benefit we get from agency teams that understand us.’ he remarks. ‘By the same token, we have to challenge ourselves with fresh ideas and new perspectives, and after so long a tenure with our current agencies, the only way to be certain that we’re thoroughly exploring all avenues is via a pitch process.”

This review represents Specsavers’ ongoing commitment to excellence in navigating the dynamic and ever evolving media landscape in the ANZ region.