The Work 2024 Contenders: Saatchi & Saatchi NZ

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is Saatchi & Saatchi’s Top 2…

Pepperstone: Don’t Be Fine With It
Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
Pepperstone is an Australian-based forex broker and CFD trading platform, made by traders for traders. A challenger in a global market dominated by long-established players. Despite numerous accolades many traders continue to put up with the higher fees, poor service and slower transaction speeds of the brokerages they know rather than risk changing. This behaviour is in stark contrast to the meticulous planning, research and consideration they pride themselves on when trading. So, we created a to highlight what they’re putting up with by drawing parallels with other aspect of their life they’d never be fine with. It’s a deliberate shot at the competition and brings humour into a category typically laden with mantra-style ads.

In the campaign launch film, ‘80’s McEnroe’, two traders meet on a tennis court. One trades with Pepperstone. The other trades with one of those other platforms, and is clearly putting up with things. But he insists he’s fine with it. Just like he’s fine with his trusty coach, 1980’s John McEnroe. Who is temperamental. And shouty. And quite literally aiming for his face. Stubbornly he’s still fine with it. The action concludes with the message: Don’t be fine with it. And invites traders to switch to Pepperstone for superior service.

FIFA: Fancestry
Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
In 2023, Australia and New Zealand co-hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We knew we’d naturally have some home support for the two host teams, but to avoid a billion people around the world tuning in to empty stadiums, we’d need to get local audiences interested in the games of all 30 other countries. So we created Fancestry, an interactive experience that went beyond geography or where you’re from to uncover connections to teams you weren’t born to support. A series of fun value-based questions revealed teams you shared a natural affinity with. And results were then shared in the form of a customised, interactive supporters jersey. Users could learn more about their Fancestry by clicking on their jersey for more information, like team chants, player personality profiles, game schedules and of course, ticket purchases. As a result, Fancestry contributed to FIFA filling stadiums, blowing away national football attendance records in both countries, and making this Women’s World Cup one of the most successful events in Women’s Sports ever.


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