The Work 2024 Contenders: Dentsu Creative ANZ

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is Dentsu Creative ANZ’s Top 3…

Movember Foundation: Ancient Influencers
Dentsu Creative ANZ
In 2023, one of Tiktok’s biggest trends was women asking men how often they thought about the Roman Empire. It turns out, it was a lot. But what if he’s not thinking about it? Is there something troubling him? Movember, the men’s mental health organisation, flipped the trend and brought history’s greatest influencers back to life. They spurred women into action by pointing out that if the man they love is not thinking about the Empire, maybe it’s worth checking in with him.

FreshChoice Supermarkets: The Aid Aisle
Dentsu Creative ANZ
As naming sponsor of New Zealand’s most remote ultramarathon, FreshChoice Supermarkets wanted to do more than slap their logo on the start line of the Kepler Challenge, they wanted to help runners finish it. So 50km into the race, when runners were hitting the wall, they hit the a supermarket aisle. The Aid Aisle was stocked with all the long distance running essentials from electrolytes, hits of sugar or salt, to Vaseline, bandages, and even fresh socks.

Transplant Australia: Second Chance Champions
Dentsu Creative ANZ
To raise awareness about Australia’s organ donation crisis, we used the Trojan Horse of sport to get as many families talking about transplantation as possible.

Launching across multiple streaming platforms in November – on DonateLife Thank You Day, Second Chance Champions is an organ donation campaign disguised inside a feature-length documentary that delves into an inspiring yet little-known event called the World Transplant Games.

To ensure this content was as newsworthy as it was compelling, we created a first in sporting history by giving athletes the opportunity to split their winning medals with the donors and donor families who made their success possible.

By deliberately eschewing the sombre tone of the category, it reveals a bigger, more motivating story around donations – that sometimes, triumph can follow from tragedy.


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