Director Lex Hodge joins FINCH

Director Lex Hodge joins FINCH

Director Lex Hodge has joined FINCH’S roster after building an award-winning reel.


Over a few short years off-roster at FINCH, Hodge has amassed a delightful and diverse body of work. Hodge illuminates people’s most human experiences and translates that feeling into a visual spectacular. Stylised worldbuilding juxtaposed with personality filled, insightful characters has become Hodge’s signature. With her technical design background, translating her vision into motion and visual effects has been seamless.

Hodge was a theatre kid who traded glitter and recitals for a wacom when she became a graphic designer. Her impetus to tell stories remained, and in directing she has found the perfect marriage of design and performance.

Director Lex Hodge joins FINCH

(Lex Hodge Directs ‘One Good Kiwi’ for One NZ via The Tuesday Club)

In Correct the Internet, she sweated every detail to give the film scale and sensitivity, capturing a beautiful union of craft and performance. The campaign went on to bring home metal across the world and countless best new director nominations.

Director Lex Hodge joins FINCH

(Lex Hodge Directs ‘Correct the Internet’ for Team Heroine via DDB Aotearoa)

Says Hodge: “FINCH has been my nest for many years, and now it’s time to bloody fly. I know their commitment to storytelling, elevating the work, and making dreams a reality creates a beautiful environment for directors to thrive.”

Says Rob Galluzzo, CEO and EP of FINCH: “It’s been great to see Lex being acknowledged by the industry for Correct The Internet. For five years she’s been perfecting her craft first as a DA and then as an off-roster director, and you can see in her work that she doesn’t take shortcuts. I’m delighted we’re repping her in a more official capacity.”

Take a look at Lex’s reel here.