Southern Cross Pet Insurance builds on Paws Off! work with ‘Mind Control’ launch via TBWA\NZ

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Pet mind control is costing $3,000,000 per year – so it’s time humans took charge. Southern Cross Pet Insurance (SCPI) has launched the next phase in its Paws Off! project with the launch of ‘Mind Control’, developed by TBWA\New Zealand in partnership with NZME.


The campaign builds on an initiative launched in 2023 to help owners and others understand what food and drinks they should simply not give their pets. They persuade us daily to give them food they really shouldn’t have which has seen SCPI paying out more than $3 million in related claims last year.

‘Mind Control’ is designed to help combat the mental powers pets have over humans.

Says Bridgette Muir, head of marketing and product SCPI: “Every year we pay out claims to help dogs and cats who have digestive or ‘alimentary conditions.’ Many of these instances are avoidable and simply come down to a lack of awareness among owners and pet caregivers. Mind Control will add a fresh even more engaging way to help our customers and others understand what they shouldn’t do.”

Southern Cross Pet Insurance builds on Paws Off! work with ‘Mind Control’ launch via TBWA\NZ Southern Cross Pet Insurance builds on Paws Off! work with ‘Mind Control’ launch via TBWA\NZ

The Mind Control campaign sits under SCPI’s umbrella ‘Protect the Pet Life’ platform and comprises video (available across digital channels), social media content and sponsored content. A key part of the campaign was produced by NZME.

Says James Butcher, chief commercial officer at NZME: “With our multi-faceted team, NZME offers an array of creative solutions to help our clients deliver their campaign aspirations, and we were really happy to come on board to help SCPI with sharing this important message.

“Collaborating with TBWA who developed the concept, we were pleased to support with filming content as well as providing advice on how to best amplify their message across NZME’s platforms including We’re looking forward to seeing the creative roll out in the coming weeks.”

We know lots of ad agency offices are dog friendly, so here’s some helpful info if you suspect your dog has eaten something it shouldn’t have.

The first clear signs that a dog has eaten something that has not agreed with them are vomiting, diarrhoea, drooling, appetite loss, lethargy and generally being unsettled or shaking. They may also paw at their mouth, whimper, whine, sit or sleep in unusual places or appear hunched, bloated or stretch repeatedly. Some dogs may try to throw up whatever they have eaten. Whatever the case, contact your vet or an emergency vet service.

For more info see here.

To see more about the Mind Control project – click here.

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