The Mars Agency rebrands to Mars United Commerce

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The Mars Agency rebrands to Mars United Commerce

The Mars Agency, along with its recently acquired brand activations agency The In Group, will this week officially rebrand as Mars United Commerce, a name reflecting the company’s transformational growth into a full-service commerce marketing partner for brands and retailers.


Mars United Commerce fully embodies the ongoing evolution of the commerce marketing industry, which has become a vast, complex array of shopping channels and engagement opportunities that must be mastered individually to deliver program-level success but also managed collectively to drive company-wide growth. The name has been adopted by all The Mars Agency’s operations around the world.

“The Mars Agency has long been known for relentless reinvention, for staying ahead of industry trends to build expertise in the emerging skill sets our clients need to drive sustainable business growth,” said Rob Rivenburgh, global CEO. “We have best-in-class capabilities across the full spectrum of commerce marketing, and an unmatched ability to unite them to drive even greater success for our clients. That’s what Mars United Commerce says to the marketplace.”

“The In Group has become a highly recognised and respected name in brand activation, and we’re proud of its legacy,” said managing director Chris Coffey, who founded the company in 2008. “Joining The Mars Agency is allowing us to grow beyond those roots to build capabilities in other key areas of commerce marketing. It’s only natural, then, for us to join them in adopting a new name that better represents everything we now can do for clients in New Zealand.”

Significant investments in technology and infrastructure have helped Mars United Commerce become global leaders in four key commerce disciplines – strategy and analytics, retail media and eCommerce, content and experiences, and retail consultancy — that together form a United Commerce Ecosystem providing all the expertise clients need to navigate the complex commerce marketing landscape.

Now-critical practices such as retail media, ecommerce, and marketing analytics are enabled through the company’s proprietary Marilyn Commerce Marketing Technology Platform. These new capabilities inform and enhance what has long been the company’s core strength: applying unique shopper insights, deep retailer intelligence, and creative excellence to help clients make better decisions, create connected experiences, and drive stronger business results.

Following the strategic acquisitions of XPO Brands and The In Group, Mars United Commerce has expanded the company’s reach and broadened its solution set which has provided the foothold needed to bring its full complement of commerce marketing capabilities to new regions.

Mars United Commerce now encompasses a workforce of 800 professionals across North America, Europe, Australia-New Zealand and Asia, all experts in specific functions but also trained and certified in every aspect of commerce marketing.

The rebranding reflects this global reach, but also the company’s past, present and future commitment to operating as an enterprise commerce partner that delivers all the solutions brand and retailer clients need to grow their businesses.

“By joining The Mars Agency, we gained the support necessary to become a more complete commerce partner for our clients across the region,” said Sally Tobin, managing director ANZ. “With the clearer vision that the Mars United Commerce name will bring to the marketplace, we’ll have even greater opportunities to keep doing that.”

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