PAK’nSAVE turns yellow wall into a new savey Stickman takeover via FCB Aotearoa + PHD


When the team at PHD spotted a vacant yellow wall in Auckland’s bustling Karangahape Road, it knew exactly who to call. After a quick chat to its partners at FCB, another ingenious savey Stickman takeover was born.


A same-day offer secured the media placement with Phantom, and within 24 hours, the wall underwent a transformation. What emerged was not just a sequence of posters but the birth of what could become the saviest TVC ever made.

Tom Horton, marketing manager of Phantom, reflects on the ingenuity of the campaign: “Sometimes you can really overdo a campaign, but as we’ve come to expect from our friendly neighbourhood Stickman, simplicity wins. Something as recognisable as a childhood flip book sketch, coupled with a seemingly endless wall, offers unlimited potential to play with. We always encourage people to step back and view a street poster campaign as part of the wider landscape, for me this one works so well.”

Jamie Buchan, associate business director of PHD, echoes this sentiment, emphasising their dedication to finding innovative ways to showcase PAK’nSAVE’s commitment to low prices: “We love finding innovative and creative ways to demonstrate PAK’nSAVE’s commitment to low prices. When a vacant yellow wall appeared on K Road, we recognised a unique opportunity to make a bold statement. By collaborating closely with our partners at FCB, we transformed this space into an impactful showcase of their brand promise.”

The wall is already attracting attention of commuters, meandering pedestrians and budding film enthusiasts alike.

Says Leisa Wall and Peter Vegas, CCOs of FCB New Zealand: “To save money on writing this quote, we got the creative team to write it instead. Tim and Guy say hi, they’re our absolute favourite team ever. We love them. Oh and also, this was a fun quickie to do some posters that is actually a TV ad waiting to be filmed by some rando.”

Client: Foodstuffs – PAK’nSAVE
Creative Agency: FCB Aotearoa
Chief Creative Officer: Leisa Wall
Chief Creative Officer: Peter Vegas
Senior Creative: Tim Thach
Senior Creative: Gaetano Perry
Strategy: Lloyd Thomason
Media Agency: PHD Aotearoa
Senior Marketing Manager: Lauren Ness
Client Service: Océon Grady & Posey Wall
Media: Stephen Larsen, Jamie Buchan, Michelle Jung
Phantom: Tom Horton, Jethro Gardiner