The Warehouse launches new health and body range ‘Good One’ via Special Design

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The Warehouse launches new health and body range ‘Good One’ via Special Design

The Warehouse has announced the launch of its new health and body range ‘Good One’ with the identity developed in collaboration with creative powerhouse Special.


Special played a crucial role in the project, focusing on creating a vibrant brand that is optimistic and inclusive, while maintaining a contemporary feel. The identity and packaging design was meticulously crafted to embody these values, along with a specifically curated colour palette across the ‘Good One’ range.

Says Clem Devine, design director, Special: “Every design element of the brand reflects its Kiwi vernacular name, highlighting its down-to-earth and inclusive ethos. Good One aligns seamlessly with The Warehouse’s brand positioning, emphasising its connection with customers and commitment to the planet and community. Good One’s vibrant, energetic and intentional packaging has been created so everybody can have thoughtful and beautiful products for their home.”

Special’s strategic approach ensured the efficacy and success of all design elements, showcasing their strength in collaborative projects. The partnership successfully produced an affordable yet thoughtfully created brand and product with a clear goal to cater to the desires of everyday Kiwis.

The Warehouse launches new health and body range ‘Good One’ via Special Design

Phoebe Thomas, health and beauty category manager at The Warehouse, shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration on the project: “We partnered with Special to develop the strategy, naming, identity, packaging, copy and in-store experience and Special quickly understood who The Warehouse is, and how we wanted this range to show up for our customers.

“The Good One range is designed to deliver value with a strong brand purpose – it is kind to skin but also to wallets. Good One is cruelty-free, made in New Zealand using native ingredients such as Kawakawa, and gives back to Women’s Refuge. Special has perfectly encapsulated these guiding principles through design. Working in partnership with the Special team has been a breeze.”

The Good One brand represents a step forward in delivering high-quality, accessible Health and Body products at The Warehouse and Special is excited about what the future of the collaboration might hold.