DDB Group Aotearoa CCO Gary Steele to represent NZ on the LIA Creativity In B2B jury

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DDB Group Aotearoa CCO Gary Steele to represent NZ on the LIA Creativity In B2B jury

DDB Group Aotearoa chief creative officer Gary Steele will represent New Zealand as a jury member on the Creativity In B2B jury at London International Awards 39th Annual judging.


LIA will host all of the judging in Las Vegas at Encore @ Wynn, commencing 29th September through 7th October 2024.

Over the years, New Zealand and Australia have produced some of the biggest names in the industry who were responsible for many pieces of enduring work. Who can forget the BASF Cassette tape “Dear John” TV commercial from New Zealand or the Paul Hogan Australian Tourism Campaign. Both of these ads from the 80’s are still talked about today. The creativity and ingenuity of those creative pieces of work really shone through and were awarded numerous global ad awards.

Fast forward 40 years later and New Zealand and Australia are still continuing this tradition of producing great memorable, breakthrough work.

Says Barbara Levy, president of LIA: “There are so many talented people in Australia and New Zealand. You can see it from the work that wins year after year in our show. Not only are these highly respected creatives passionate about doing good work that stirs you to action and has a purpose, they also have a real drive in making sure that only the best work gets awarded. That’s what makes an awards show – when the best judges have uncompromising standards.”

All rounds of judging are done onsite at the Encore @ Wynn Hotel. Every judge is required to see every piece of work in their respective categories. These panels decide on the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statue Winners, as well as the Finalists. Each panel, at their discretion, also decides on whether a Grand LIA will be awarded.

As there is no off-site pre-judging, all judges are fully involved from the beginning to the end, so everyone is privy to the final results before they are published.

LIA is just one of five global shows that is included in the WARC Creative 100.

For more information on the juries, categories and/or requirements, visit our website at: www.liaawards.com.