Karen Bryson’s Cannes Diary #2

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Karen Bryson’s Cannes Diary #2

Karen Bryson, freelance executive producer is representing Australia on the Cannes Film Craft jury. Bryson, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors, writes exclusively for CB.


There is a kind of magic that happens when a group of likeminded people come together to discuss and reward work that they are passionate about. Day 2 was a testament to this. The discussions stretched long, fueled by the sheer quality of the shortlisted films. Yet, amidst the passionate debate, there was a remarkable level of respect. Everyone on the jury acknowledged the dedication and artistry each film represented, as well as the opinions and beliefs of the fellow jurors.

This considerate atmosphere fostered a spirit of reciprocity. Ideas flowed freely and while the critiques were rigorous, they were delivered with a focus on understanding and elevating the work. This open dialogue ultimately led to a richer and more nuanced appreciation of each film.

Tomorrow we make the really tough decisions!