Karen Bryson’s Cannes Diary #3

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Karen Bryson’s Cannes Diary #3

Karen Bryson, freelance executive producer is representing Australia on the Cannes Film Craft jury. Bryson, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors, writes exclusively for CB.


Day 3

The focus shifted to the top tiers, with the best work vying for Silver and Gold. The most exciting aspect was the sheer diversity of styles and genres represented across the categories. This showcased the incredible breadth of talent and innovation within advertising. Naturally, there are some films that you champion that don’t make it through but even that reflects the very nature of film-making, it’s an art not a science! What ultimately matters it its impact of the work itself. The winning pieces, from shortlist to the prestigious Grand Prix, should all resonate with the audience, evoke emotions, and stand out as clear examples of deserving recognition.

What an honour to be part of the process of recognising great work, and a gift to have met such a wonderful group of jurors!

Congratulations to everyone involved in all the films. The dedication and passion poured into each piece was evident, and a testament to the talent within the industry.