RotoruaNZ appoints jnr. as lead creative agency

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RotoruaNZ appoints jnr. as lead creative agency

RotoruaNZ has appointed new independent, effectiveness-led, creative agency jnr. to help drive domestic and international tourism into the region.


Rotorua is widely known as the ‘tourism capital of Aotearoa’, with their deep Māori culture, beautiful natural landscapes, and exhilarating outdoor activities, and has enlisted the new indie agency to supercharge the brand’s perceptions.

Says Marisa Balle, head of marketing and communications, RotoruaNZ: “This is an exciting time for our region as we partner with two of Australasia’s most renowned creative and strategic leaders to work with us to showcase all that is amazing about our destination. RotoruaNZ has been on a journey to unpack and distil what really makes our city the magical place that it is, and we can’t wait to share more of our inspiring stories and world-class experiences with the rest of Aotearoa and around the globe.”

Says John Marshall, Ngāti Maru, Ngāti Hāua, Ngāti Maniapoto, junior managing director, co- founder, jnr.: “Rotorua is a rite of passage for most New Zealanders. Growing up, I remember visiting with my whānau. Blitzing down the luge, doing mediocre manus in the hot pools, and learning about the original love story of Hinemoa and Tūtānekai. Whilst all of the amazing things are still here (including my average bombs), Rotorua has so many more things to see and do. The new Wai Ariki geothermal sanctuary, the amazing new restaurants like Poco, and of course, the enriching experiences Te Puia has to offer. We are incredibly excited to lead the brand strategy and creative to help New Zealanders and Australians rediscover the ‘new Rotorua’.”

Says Ryan O’Connell, junior chief strategy officer, co-founder, jnr.: “As an Australian, opening a trans-Tasman creative agency has been a wonderful eye-opener for how much more I had to discover about Aotearoa, New Zealand. The incredible Māori culture, the beautiful landscapes, and their amazing connection to land and place. Tourism is the backbone of any country’s economy, and we’re looking forward to working with RotoruaNZ and getting their visitor numbers where they deserve to be, for this wonderful region.”

jnr. will be leading the brand’s strategy, creative and full above-the-line campaign due to hit in the coming months.