Cannes Lions 2024 recap: Rose Herceg

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Cannes Lions 2024 recap: Rose Herceg

Rose Herceg, country president, WPP, Australia & New Zealand was the jury president for the Cannes Creative Data Lions. Here, Herceg shares her final thoughts following the judging, exclusive to CB.


One of the best things about Cannes Lions is the amount of deconstruction you do as a jury president after the awards are decided.

The press conferences, the ‘behind the scenes’ discussions, the opinion pieces and interviews with journalists.

All with one aim in mind: that those aspiring to enter next year know what it takes to win. I think this is an incredibly important part of the festival.

Why did it win?
Why did you agree as a jury (or indeed) disagree?
Why did it cause such discussion? Or such controversy?

The why is what makes us all examine what it takes to make work great.

I’ll end on this final note.

As you stand up on that stage handing out the awards, seeing the faces of the Cannes Lions winners, you feel incredibly happy. Recognition of an award like this doesn’t happen often, so when it does, you seen the winners trying to take in the moment. A memory to recall when the grind sets in. The reason why the hard work is worth it.

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