DDB celebrates seven wins at Cannes Lions 2024

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DDB celebrates seven wins at Cannes Lions 2024

The biggest advertising festival on the planet has wrapped up in Cannes, France with DDB Group Aotearoa celebrating seven awards with clients Samsung, Volkswagen, McDonald’s and Correct the Internet.


The Cannes Lions Awards runs alongside a week of events which this year included sessions from Elon Musk, rapper and NCAA women’s basketballer Flau’jae Johnson and Deepak Chopra.  The 2024 awards attracted 26,753 submissions, across 270 categories, from 90 countries.

DDB’s seven awards included three silver and four bronze, for its widely recognised campaigns – Greenprint for Volkswagen, Add Ons for McDonald’s, Correct the Internet for Team Heroine, and Different and Fold for Samsung.

DDB Group’s chief creative officer, Matty Burton, says Cannes Lions are highly regarded by the global advertising and communications industry: “We’ll be celebrating with our clients for achieving international acknowledgment for these epic campaigns.  It’s a testament to the creativity coming out of Aotearoa that we’ve been recognised among such esteemed company.”

DDB celebrates seven wins at Cannes Lions 2024

Team Heroine founder, Rebecca Sowden (pictured above) and DDB’s chief creative officer, Gary Steele, were also honoured to present Correct the Internet to an audience of international marketers and agency executives.

Says Steele: “It was amazing to be on a stage talking about this incredible campaign in front of so many people I’m in awe of.  It’s a testament to its success and the power of an idea to move a global audience.”

Whilst this year’s festival presence was dominated by tech and media players, the focus was on the role of creativity to enhance advertising effectiveness and deliver brand growth – a welcome narrative for our ever- evolving industry.