How did APAC perform at Cannes Lions 2024?

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How did APAC perform at Cannes Lions 2024?

Australia and India were the equal #1 ranked countries in APAC at Cannes Lions this year with 18 Lions each. This ranked them both at #11 worldwide behind USA with 234 Lions, UK with 82, Brazil with 78 and Canada with 57.


Overall it was a disappointing performance from Asia Pacific at Cannes Lions 2024. Judging seemed to be much tougher with the USA proving overwhelmingly dominant again.

However there were some great highlights for APAC with Colenso BBDO New Zealand scoring the Outdoor Grand Prix for Pedigree ‘Adoptable’, The Monkeys Sydney + Revolver picking up the Film Grand Prix, Revolver securing the Film Craft Grand Prix with HeimatTBWA Berlin and Tony Petersen Film and being named runner-up for the Palme d’Or and Ogilvy winning Singapore’s first ever Grand Prix at Cannes in the Glass: The Lion For Change category, plus also taking out the Cannes Agency of the Year – Good award.

In total APAC brought home 91 Lions – 3 Grand Prix awards; 7 Gold Lions; 25 Silver Lions and 56 Bronze Lions. In comparison last year’s total number of Lions won by APAC was 117.

Gold Lions went to:

Film Lions – Leo Burnett Bangkok for ‘What The Fast!’ for Krungsri First Choice.
Film Lions – Choojai and Friends Bangkok for the ‘Sammakorn Not Sanpakorn’ film for Sammakorn.
Creative Data Lions – Leo Burnett Mumbai for their Gatorade ‘Turf Finder’ campaign.
Social & Influencer Lions – TBWA Hakuhodo for their McDonald’s ‘No Smile’ campaign.
Health & Wellness Lions – McCann India for ‘Fit My Feet’ campaign for Buckaroo Footwear.
Health & Wellness Lions – Leo Burnett Taiwan for Taiwan Organ Sharing ‘Paper Organs’.
Outdoor Lions – Colenso BBDO New Zealand for Pedigree ‘Adoptable’.

Australia’s 18 Lions comprised 1 Grand Prix; 5 Silver and 12 Bronze Lions from 661 entries this year (down from 786 entries last year). Australia won 29 Lions last year.

India’s performance was made up of 2 Golds; 7 Silvers and 9 Bronze Lions from 826 entries this year (up from 809 entries last year). India won 24 Lions last year.

New Zealand picked up 15 Lions from 284 entries (up from 193 entries last year) to rank #3 in APAC. New Zealand agencies picked up 1 Grand Prix; 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze Lions. New Zealand won 20 Lions last year.

Ranking #4 is Japan with 11 Lions from a total of 433 entries (down from 494 entries last year). Japan picked up 1 Gold Lion; 2 Silvers and 8 Bronzes. Japan won 19 Lions last year.

Thailand scored 9 Lions from 210 entries (slightly down from 219 entries last year). Thai agencies won 2 Gold Lions; 2 Silvers and 5 Bronzes to rank #5 in APAC. Thailand won 7 Lions last year.

With 7 Lions, and ranking #6, is Singapore with 1 Grand Prix and 6 Bronze Lions. Singapore agencies entered 516 entries (a big increase on the 268 entries entered last year). Singapore won 6 Lions last year.

Taiwan ranks #7 overall in APAC with 4 Lions from 98 entries (up from 54 entries last year). Taiwan picked up 1 Gold Lion; 2 Silver and 1 Bronze. Taiwan won 1 Lion last year.

At #8 is The Philippines with 2 Silver and 1 Bronze making up their 3 Lions from 109 entries (down from 157 entries last year). The Philippines won 2 Lions last year.

Mainland China ranks #9 with 2 Bronzes from their 388 entries to Cannes Lions this year (exactly the same number of entries as last year). Mainland China won 2 Lions last year.

Equal #10 is Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea came away from the festival with 1 Bronze Lion. Indonesia entered 83 entries this year (up from 65 last year), Malaysia entered 71 entries (up from 13 last year) and South Korea entered 213 entries this year (down from 262 last year). South Korea won 3 Lions last year with Malaysia and Indonesia missing out.

How did APAC perform at Cannes Lions 2024? How did APAC perform at Cannes Lions 2024? How did APAC perform at Cannes Lions 2024? How did APAC perform at Cannes Lions 2024? How did APAC perform at Cannes Lions 2024?